DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Over 7 Million Reasons Why It Must Be Done In 2018

This past weekend, Planned Parenthood released its latest Annual Report, revealing that the nation’s largest abortion provider received nearly $550 MILLION taxpayer dollars in the most recent fiscal year. The report showed that for every adoption referral which the organization made, it performed 82 abortions. Planned Parenthood performed a total of 321,384 abortions, which would be nearly 900 PER DAY in the fiscal year 2016-17.

It has been calculated that if PP had done abortion procedures around the clock for the entire year, it would have had to abort about 37 babies PER HOUR, one every 98 seconds, in order to reach their yearly total. Think about that. A child of God lost its life last year every minute and a half, at the hands of an organization funded by our Government. What a national disgrace.

The baby-killing organization reported that its excess revenue increased by 27% from just over $77 million dollars in 2016 to about $100 million. Worst of all, the sad fact still hasn’t changed that the U.S. Government is the immoral group’s largest funder. How is this even possible under a “pro-life” President and Republican majority in Congress? 

While yes, it’s great to hear that States are defunding the abortion giant. It’s also good news that over 30 Planned Parenthoods closed their doors in 2017. But the $543 million dollars which PP received from the federal government last year was a staggering 61% more than what it received just a decade ago.

What happened to the promise by Donald Trump, and virtually EVERY Republican member of the House and Senate, to DEFUND Planned Parenthood? They all ran on the promise to do so, yet every time legislation is brought before them to continue funding the demonic organization, the GOP approves of it. Am I missing something here??

I promised over 7 million reasons why defunding PP must finally become reality in 2018, and I hope the “pro-life” politicians are paying attention. Over 7.5 MILLION babies have been murdered by Planned Parenthood since “Roe V. Wade” in 1973. In just 45 years, the lives of nearly 8 million children have been taken. Since that abominable Supreme Court decision, which essentially legalized “abortion on demand” across the USA, Planned Parenthood became the nation’s largest abortion peddler. No other national group even comes close. 

Also, when PP propagates the lie that they are a “women’s health” organization, who “do more than abortions”, the statistics tell another story. 20 years ago, Planned Parenthood did just over 165,000 abortions in one year. 15 years ago, it did over 230,000. 10 years ago, PP ended the lives of over 305,000 babies. Since then, the “women’s health” organization has been responsible for murdering over 320,000 children EVERY year.

Let me do the math for all of you… that is over 3,000,000 babies murdered in just the past TEN YEARS. If that doesn’t make you sick to your stomach, then this will… Taxpayer funding, from your and my pockets, accounts for over 40% of Planned Parenthood’s revenue. This is inexcusable!

We elected politicians to Washington D.C. who promised to stop our dollars from funding the immoral organization, and it’s time that we hold them accountable! It’s due time that we hold all of their feet to the fire. Enough is enough. Whether it be the President, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, or Mayors, none of their jobs should be safe until they DO THEIR JOB and defund Planned Parenthood. 

As if murdering babies was not enough to withdraw funding from PP (which it should be), the crooked organization has been exposed in recent years for the illegal trafficking of baby body parts, covering up child sexual abuse and sex-trafficking, and promoting sex to CHILDREN. Most recently Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, announced that in 2018 the organization will be focusing on providing transgender hormone therapy or “sex-change therapy”.

So, if PP wasn’t already abominable enough for taking the lives of the innocent, they now take their war on our God once step further by altering His creation. Unbelievable. They either murder God’s creation, or alter it. They are trying to “play God”, and we need to wake them up to the reality that they most certainly are not. If anything, Planned Parenthood is the Devil, as he was a murderer from the beginning. We must pull every last dollar of U.S. Government funding from Planned Parenthood, and that needs to happen TODAY. Without delay. I mean ASAP.

What really bugs me about this demonic organization is that it is the biggest oxymoron in the world. How can it be called Planned “Parenthood” when it does everything that it possibly can to PREVENT parenthood? PP should be sued for false advertising. They only “plan” for how young mothers will murder their children, not for how to raise them. Their current slogan is “Care. No matter what.” In reality, it should be “MURDER. No matter what.” 

Abortion is murder. Period. Human beings are not entitled to the “choice” of murdering another human. While many liberals today love to shout “my body, my CHOICE”, they couldn’t be more wrong. If the LORD chose to place a baby inside your womb, then it is your responsibility to bring it into this world. God’s Will trumps your “feelings” or opinion on the matter. 

If a teenage girl is not mature enough, or does not have the financial means to care for the child, then there are thousands upon thousands of Americans looking to adopt. There is no “choice” in God’s Eyes. He gives life, and when human beings take the life which He created, He HATES IT. Abortion today is nothing more than the false god worship of old.

In the Holy Bible, we read about children being sacrificed to Baal and Molech, and while children today are not being sacrificed to any one false god, it is still a form of “false god worship” in the LORD’s Sight. It always warrants His Wrath. Also, there is no one on earth who can make the argument that God approves of abortion in any way or at any time. God clearly commands in His Word that we are to DO NO MURDER. 

He also specifically warns of the consequences for shedding “innocent blood” (Exodus 23:7, Proverbs 6:17 , Jeremiah 22:17, Isaiah 59:7-8, Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:2). Lord Jesus said that it would be better for you to have a cinderblock tied around your neck and be thrown into the deepest sea, then to incur the Wrath of God for harming one of his “little ones”.

I have included many Biblical verses regarding the grave sin of abortion below, as well as verses in which God makes clear that He has plans for our lives BEFORE He forms us “IN THE WOMB”. So, it doesn’t matter how many days, weeks, or months that a fetus has been forming in a woman’s womb. Before it even becomes a fetus, it has LIFE in God’s Eyes. For this reason alone, everyone reading this needs to take a stand and defend LIFE from the womb. 

Everyone needs to stop arguing with unbelievers about “when” a fetus becomes a human, and start telling them when GOD says it does. And that is the second that it appears in the mother’s womb. Finally, everyone needs to call or write the President of the United States, the Vice President, your local Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and Mayors to tell them – DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD NOW.


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“Thus saith The LORD God, You shalt do NO MURDER.” ~ Exodus 20:13

“JESUS said, You shall do NO MURDER.” ~ Matthew 19:18

“BEFORE I formed you in the WOMB I knew YOU, saith The LORD God.” ~ Jeremiah 1:5

“HE had set me apart BEFORE I was born, and He called me by His grace.” ~ Galatians 1:15

“Did not he that made me IN THE WOMB make him? and did not One FASHION US in the womb?” ~ Job 31:15

“Lo, CHILDREN are an heritage of The LORD: and the fruit of THE WOMB is His reward.” ~ Psalm 127:3

“They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the DEMONS; they poured out INNOCENT blood, the blood of their sons and daughters.. and the land was POLLUTED with blood.” ~ Psalm 106:37-38

“Of the six things that the Lord HATES, of the seven that are an ABOMINATION to Him.. (one is) hands that shed INNOCENT blood.” ~ Proverbs 6:17

“Their feet run to EVIL, and they are swift to shed INNOCENT blood; their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; desolation and DESTRUCTION are in their highways.” ~ Isaiah 59:7-8

“JESUS said, whosoever shall harm one of these LITTLE ONES.. it would be BETTER for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were DROWNED in the depth of the sea.” ~ Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:2

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