THIS GENERATION?: 70th Anniversary Of Israel’s Rebirth Could Herald Christ’s Return

In 6 months from now, Israel will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Biblical Nation’s REBIRTH on May 14th, 1948. Thus, I believe 2018 will be a very prophetically-significant year. You may ask, why is the number 70 so important? Why is it any more significant than the 25th Anniversary, or the 40th, or the 50th??? While there are many reasons I will give in this article, I believe the main reason is a single word. That word is “GENERATION”. 

In Matthew 24, arguably the most comprehensive account that Jesus Christ gave of Last Days’ Signs concerning His Second Coming, our Lord mentioned “this generation”. What He meant by this was that the generation to witness all of the Signs which He gave would also be THE generation that would witness His RETURN to earth. First, He gave His disciples many specific signs of the End, such as powerful earthquakes, signs in the heavens, Christian persecution, false Christs and false prophets, rumours of wars, and rampant sin. 

In verses 32-34, He mentions the most important Sign of them all. For without this Sign being fulfilled, the rest of the Signs could all be taking place at once yet they would mean NOTHING prophetically-speaking. He tells His disciples to “Learn a parable of the FIG TREE; When his branch is yet tender, and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near..” He went on to say, “So likewise, when you shall see ALL these things, know that it (the End) is near, even AT THE DOORS. Truly I say unto you, THIS generation shall not pass away, until all these things be FULFILLED”. 

So, Jesus didn’t say when you “see some” of these Signs, rather He was clear that we must “see ALL” of them. Many generations, after Christ left earth, believed that they were THE generation. There have been many powerful earthquakes throughout history, as well as celestial signs, world wars, false prophets and the rest. The reason none of them could have been the generation, that Jesus spoke of, was because they had not witnessed the Sign of the Fig Tree fulfilled. So what exactly is the Fig Tree blooming all about? Why is the verse and Sign so crucial to the Return of Christ? 

When Jesus returns, every Christian knows that He comes back down to defend Israel from certain destruction, and to defeat the antiChrist and the nations of the world who are warring against the tiny Jewish State. He then rules and reigns from the Holy City of Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel, as King of kings and Lord of lords over the whole earth. The only way any of these Last Days prophecies could be fulfilled is if there were actually an Israel on earth to begin with. For over 2,000 years, the nation of Israel was absent from the world scene. 

After the exile of the Jews by the Babylonians, the Romans, the Muslims and others, as well as the destruction of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple in 70 A.D., the Israelite Jews were spread out across the globe. Thoughts of their homeland ever being resurrected appeared dismal, and virtually impossible. They had one sure and strong hope to cling to though, and that was God’s Eternal Word of Truth. The LORD had never broke one promise which He had ever made to Israel in the Holy Bible. 

God promised in His Word numerous times to return the Jews to their God-given Land, and to reestablish the State of Israel. This is what Lord Jesus was referring to in Matthew 24:32, the nation of Israel being REBORN. For any of the other Signs of Christ’s Return to mean anything, there had to be a nation of Israel resurrected. In 1948, God kept that Promise, and the Fig Tree known as ISRAEL blossomed once again in the ancient Holy Land. How am I so sure that the “Fig Tree” Jesus was referring to was the nation of Israel? Just examine the Old Testament, and whenever God mentions His Fig Tree – 

“Thus saith the LORD, the God of Israel; Like these good FIGS (Jews), so will I acknowledge them that are carried away captive of JUDAH (Israel), whom I have sent out of this place into the land of the Chaldeans for their good.” ~ Jeremiah 24:5 

“I found ISRAEL like grapes in the wilderness; I saw their FATHERS as the firstripe in the FIG TREE at her first time…” ~ Hosea 9:10 

“For a nation is come up upon MY LAND (of Israel), strong, and without number, whose teeth are the teeth of a lion, and he hath the cheek teeth of a great lion. He has laid My vine waste, and barked My FIG TREE…” ~ Joel 1:6-7 

So, back to “THIS generation”. Jesus was prophesying that the generation which witnessed the miraculous rebirth of the nation of Israel would see His RETURN. The Holy Bible tells us that a generation ranges from 70-80 years (Psalm 90:10). 70 years from 1948 would put us at the year 2018!!! Am I saying that the Lord is returning next year?! No, I’m not. When I refer to the return of Jesus Christ, I’m referring to “the event” that must take place BEFORE His feet hit the Mount of Olives after the 7-Year Tribulation Hour in His BODILY return to earth. 

I’m referring to the RAPTURE of His faithful, when He comes again to rescue those Who are His from the worst tribulation the world has even experienced. Those who believe we are living in the 7-Year hour of testing TODAY need to think again. Yes, things are getting worse by the day, but they in no way compare to a ⅓ of the earth being destroyed during the great tribulation. I believe we are on the doorstep of the 7 years, and that is why I believe the Rapture could occur at any time. 

Now, to those who do not believe in the Pre-Trib Rapture, but believe that the Church will have to live through the Tribulation, what do you do with Jesus’ comforting words in Revelation 3:10? He said, “Because you have kept the word of My patience, I also will keep you from (OUT OF) the hour of temptation, which shall come upon ALL the world, to test them that dwell upon the earth”. I don’t know about you, but to me “out of” literally means OUT OF! 

So thus far, I’ve given the number one reason why I believe that this 70th Anniversary of Israel is the most important one in our lifetime. I also have a few other examples of why the number 70, besides referring to this 1948-2018 “generation”, is an important number regarding Biblical Prophecy. Israel spent 70 years in Babylonian captivity. So, as God likes to mirror historical periods regarding Israel from bad-to-good, it would make since they would spend 70 years as a reborn nation before Latter-Day prophetical fulfillment of the Rapture or the Tribulation occurs. 

For instance, from the time that Israel went into Babylonian captivity to the time that Jerusalem was conquered by the Babylonians, the period totalled 19 years. From the time that Israel became a nation again in 1948 to the time that they regained full control of their Capital Jerusalem in 1967, the period totalled 19 years! God is on time all of the time. Also, it was a 70 year period from the time that Israel’s Messiah Jesus was born to the time of the destruction of Jerusalem’s Holy Temple. 

Here are some other big reasons why I believe that this Anniversary for Israel is leading to something Biblically monumental on the horizon… The Hebrew year preceding the 70th year was 5777. I have explained in great detail in past articles, like 5777: Year of the Rapture, that YaHWeH God Almighty’s number is 777. On top of this, in 5777 (2016-17), we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the reunification of Israel’s Eternal Capital, Jerusalem. 

We also just celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which led the nations to accept the recreation of a homeland for the Jewish people in their ancient Holy Land of Israel. Wait though, there is more! The year 5777 closed out the Biblical “Jubilee Year” (only coming around once every 50 years), which followed the “Shemitah Year” (coming once every 7 years), and was the year which an accurate 800 year old Rabbinical Prophecy stated would BEGIN the Season of the Messiah’s Coming (in our case, His RETURN). 

Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel was a top Talmudic scholar in Germany. Just before he died, in the year 1217, he prophesied that the Ottoman Turks would rule over the Holy City of Jerusalem for 8 Jubilees. 8 x 50 = 400 years. The Turks indeed took control of Jerusalem 300 years after his death, in 1517, and his prophecy came to pass, as the Ottoman Turks then lost Jerusalem in 1917. Exactly 400 years later! 

During WWI, British General Edmund Allenby walked into Jerusalem, on Hanukkah 1917, without firing a shot. The Rabbi went on to prophesy that after the 8 Jubilees, the 9th Jubilee would have Jerusalem being “a no-man’s-land”. The 9th Jubilee was from 1917 to 1967, and he was “right on” again with his prophecy. The Holy Land was placed under British Mandate in 1917 by the League of Nations and literally “belonged to NO nation”. 

The Rabbi then stated that in the 10th Jubilee “Jerusalem would be controlled by Israel”, which it has been ever since the Six Day War of 1967! His Prophecy continued, that “THEN” the Messianic end times will begin. The “THEN” referred to the end of the 10th Jubilee, and the beginning of the new, which would be 2017-2018!!! If this Rabbi was 100% accurate on everything else, we should take his Messiah Prophecy very seriously. 

I also believe that 2018 will be extremely significant for Israel prophetically because of the “7-8-7″ pattern. Biblically-relevant things concerning Israel, over the past century, have occurred in a year ending with a “7”, followed by a year ending with an “8”, followed by a year ending with a “7”. So, a year ending with an “8” would likely be the next big prophecy fulfillment concerning Israel. 

In 1917, the 400 year rule over the Land of Israel by the Ottomans ended, and British Minister Balfour penned his historic declaration for a Jewish homeland in Israel. Next, in 1948, the nation of Israel was REBORN. Then, in 1967, Israel miraculously won the Six-Day War, and reunified their ancient Holy Capital of Jerusalem. So, with 2018 ending with an “8”, along with all of the other prophetical connections I have mentioned, will the 7-8-7 pattern continue?

Finally, one last thing that bears mentioning. On November 14th, 2016, just after the kickoff of the year 5777, the Moon made its closest approach to the earth in nearly 70 years. It will not be as close again until 2034. So the 5777 Supermoon was extremely rare, and was the largest in our CENTURY. I mention it because of the significance of the previous time that the Moon and our planet had been in such close proximity. 

The year just so happened to be 1948, which again was the year that Israel was reborn!! God’s Word tells us that “He appointed the Moon for SEASONS” (Psalm 104:19). A “season” in the Holy Bible doesn’t always mean Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. A season can be an appointed time for mercy, grace, reaping, judgment, or prophetic fulfillment. Given all of the recent signs in the Moon, including the Blood Moon Tetrad of the Shemitah Year, I believe we’re in a season of something truly historic BIBLICALLY. 

Any believer who can ignore all of these signs around us must be spiritually blind. God is trying to alert us to something big coming on the horizon, and I truly believe that the something is a “SOMEONE”. Will Israel’s 70th Anniversary herald the Rapture, and Christ’s imminent RETURN? God willing, and MARANA THA YESHUA! 

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“JESUS said, When you shall see ALL these things, KNOW that MY Return is NEAR, even AT the doors. TRULY I say unto you, the generation (to see all THESE things) shall NOT pass, till ALL these things be FULFILLED.” ~ Matthew 24/Mark 13/Luke 21 

“Thus saith The LORD God: Surely I will take the children of ISRAEL from among the nations, WHEREVER they have gone, and will gather them from EVERY side and bring them BACK into their OWN LAND.” ~ Ezekiel 37:21 

“The LORD does build up JERUSALEM: He gathers together the outcasts of ISRAEL.” ~ Psalm 147:2 

“For The LORD will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet CHOOSE ISRAEL, and set them in THEIR OWN LAND: and the strangers (Gentile Christians) shall be joined WITH THEM, and they shall cleave to the House of Jacob.” ~ Isaiah 14:1 

“Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall A NATION be born AT ONCE? for as soon as ZION (Israel) travailed, she BROUGHT FORTH her children.” ~ Isaiah 66:8 

“Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that it shall no more be said, The LORD liveth, that brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt; But, The LORD liveth, that brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north, and from ALL the lands where He had driven them: and I will bring them again into THEIR LAND that I gave unto their fathers.” ~ Jeremiah 16:14-15 

“For The Lord HIMSELF shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ SHALL RISE first: Then we which ARE ALIVE and remain shall be caught up (RAPTURED) together with them in the clouds, to MEET The Lord in the air: and so shall we EVER BE with The Lord. Wherefore COMFORT one another with THESE words.” ~ 1st Thessalonians 4:16-18 

“JESUS said, When THESE things begin to come to pass, then LOOK UP, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws NEAR.. So likewise you, when you see THESE things come to pass, KNOW you that the Kingdom of God is NEAR at hand.” ~ Luke 21:28 & 31 

“JESUS said, There shall be signs in the Sun, and in the MOON, and in the stars…” ~ Luke 21:25 

“JESUS said, Can you not discern the SIGNS of the times?” ~ Matthew 16:3


  1. Thank you for this very detailed and enlightening article. I’ve been longing for Jesus to come take us home for many years. I’ve loved studying prophecy, but seeing it play out right before my eyes is so exciting! So, do we believe every prophecy that needs to be fulfilled before Jesus returns, has happened? What about Damascus becoming a ruinous heap that is inhabitable? I’ve always heard that must happen first. However, that being said, it sure looks like that is also just around the corner! ….even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually no. The Isaiah 17 prophecy regarding Damascus and the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy can come before or after the rapture. We see today that Damascus is in the crosshairs of its enemies and we see the nations aligned perfectly to represent the Ez. 38 prophecy. Chuck Missler on Youtube has an AMAZING study on Ezekiel 38-39 and he thoroughly explains how Turkey, Iran and Russia are the countries mentioned there. When he made the video series, Turkey was not aligned with Russia and Iran but now they are. Amazing times we live in.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I certainly appreciate this detailed and excellent article! I have been watching end time Biblical prophecy being fulfilled for most of my life (65+) and agree that THIS is the last generation!! The Convergence of ALL the signs around us is the exact picture that JESUS commanded us to be watching for. Thus, when we see ALL these things we can look up , and rejoice as our redemption is so very near! Thank you so much for writing this wonderful article Micha!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. a big thanks for this article. I just stumbled into it. but what do you say about the peace treaty with Israel that supposed to last for 7 years, I thought it will occur before the rapture of the church.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I believe the Peace Treat will occur after the rapture. Virtually the whole world is supposed to follow the AntiChrist and praise him for making “peace”. I don’t see a world filled with believers all being deceived. So I believe we are taken up before he is revealed fully. I think he is alive and well, but not yet revealed.


  4. Alpha and Omag … The beginning and the end… the one who was who is and forever will be ! .. Reguardless of all religion’s .. Lets us remember and rejoice in the fact that we are CHRISTIAN’S … our lord Jesus Christ gave us Christianity therefore it in itself is perfect because it came directly from Jesus… All Religions are flawed because they came from human beings… Lets remember his words… I am the way the truth and the life no man goes to the father except through me … through Jesus Christ the author of christianity … Come lord Jesus!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for explaining this in a way thats easy to understand … And pray for me …that i may have the faith of the woman with the disease blood … She said if only i can touch the hem of his garment .,, Come Lord Jesus!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Very interesting article and well done! I would agree with most of it but have serious reservations about the “pre trib” rapture. I am sure however many eyes will be on Jerusalem on May 14.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you! I love the simplicity of this article. I shared it on Facebook, now if only people will read it! God bless you and see you soon on heaven! Come Lord Jesus!

    Liked by 1 person

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