MIRACLE OF 1967: 50th Anniversary Of Israel’s Victory In Six Day War And Reunification Of JERUSALEM


“They (Islamic nations) have said, Come, and let us cut them (Jews) off from being a Nation; that the Name of ISRAEL may be no more in remembrance.. these nations will be confounded and troubled FOREVER; yea, they will be put to shame, and PERISH.” ~ Psalm 83

The Six Day War was fought between June 5th and 10th of 1967. All of Israel’s neighboring Islamic nations (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq) sought to destroy the Jewish State. Since Almighty God fulfilled His Biblical Prophecy to return the Jews to their Homeland in 1948, the Arab world hated Israel and had threatened to “wipe Israel off the face of the map”. In June of 1967, Egypt mobilized its military forces along its border with Israel. On June 5th, Israel launched a series of preemptive airstrikes against the Egyptian airfields. The Egyptians were caught by surprise, and nearly the entire Egyptian air force was destroyed in ONE DAY with very few Israeli losses. This first of many miracles in the War would give Israel air superiority.

The Israeli Army then launched a ground offensive into the Gaza Strip and the Sinai, which again caught Egypt’s Army by surprise. After initial resistance, Egyptian leader, Gamal Abdel Nasser, ordered the evacuation of the Sinai. Syria and Jordan then began attacks on Israel, but counterattacks by the Israelis resulted in the seizure of East Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights, and other Cities of the Jewish State’s Biblical Homeland. On June 11th, a ceasefire was signed.


Throughout the Six Day War, the Arab air forces were aided militarily by Pakistan, Palestine, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Kuwait, Sudan, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. On top of that, the Soviet Union had poured $2 BILLION worth of arms into the Arab nations. So, in nothing short of a miracle, the tiny army of Israel defeated over a dozen Islamic armies which were DOUBLE the size, with TRIPLE the aircraft and tanks. There is no one who can ever deny that Almighty GOD was fighting on the side of His Chosen Nation of Israel.   

It was 10 years earlier, on May 14th, 1948, that the world witnessed the other monumental Biblical Prophecy concerning Israel FULFILLED – the REBIRTH of God’s Chosen Nation. The LORD prophesied, over 3,000 years ago, that the Jews would be exiled from their Holy Land for around 2,500 Years. After that period of separation, He promised to RETURN them to their Biblical Homeland.

In 606 BC, the Jewish exile began. In the EXACT number of Biblically-prophesied years later, in 1948, God fulfilled His promise. He gathered the Jews from all nations of the world where they had been scattered, brought them BACK to their Ancient Promised Land, and the Nation of Israel was REBORN. The LORD faithfully kept His 3,000 year old Promise, to the EXACT YEAR.


Even more amazing, the time period of the Jewish exile from the Holy Land to the year in which Babylon destroyed Jerusalem was 19 years. The time period of Israel regaining their Homeland in 1948, and reclaiming Jerusalem as their Holy Capital in 1967, was 19 YEARS. Talk about God being ON TIME all of the time!

In a sure sign that God’s Hand was no doubt with His beloved nation of Israel in the War, the battle actually mirrored an ancient battle in the Holy Bible to a tee. In the Book of Joshua, Chapter 6, verses 3 and 4, we find that the Israelite Army won the victory at Jericho in only SIX DAYS. “You shall compass the city, all the men of war, going around the city once. Thus shall you do SIX days.” By the 7th Day, Joshua and his Army had obtained the victory.

There are also some who view the confusion in the Egyptian command before and throughout the war as similar to the Biblical story of Gideon routing the enemies of Israel. Instead of sure annihilation, Israel actually won one of the most decisive victories in military history. How awesome are the Biblical correlations with a war fought in OUR generation?! The God of Israel is the same yesterday, today, and forever! HalleluYah. His faithfulness to His Chosen people endures FOREVER.


The acclaimed Christian Author, Joel Rosenberg, has said of the War – “For Christians, the Six Day War was a huge moment of seeing God’s Hand intervene on behalf of the Jewish People. That’s what was so extraordinary, that you had this moment where Islamic leaders were saying ‘we’re going to throw the Jews into the sea’ and it looked like another Holocaust was imminent. Suddenly, in just six days, the Jewish people defended themselves, destroyed their enemies, tripled their land, recaptured control of Jerusalem for the first time in 2,000 years, and on the seventh day they rested. That just sounded way too Biblical for Christians all over the planet and they rejoiced with the Jewish people.”

One of the most important Prophecies fulfilled in the Six-Day War was Israel’s reunification of their Biblical Capital City, JERUSALEM. The Islamists had controlled the Holy City ever since taking it from Christians centuries earlier. This Biblical Prophecy was not only beyond significant for the Jewish people and the Nation of Israel, but for Christians as well. Our Lord Jesus prophesied that the rebirth of Israel, and their reclaiming of ancient Homeland, would signify THE generation that would see His RETURN to earth. In the Old Testament, God referred to Israel as His “Fig Tree”. Jesus said –

“Now learn a parable of the FIG TREE; When his (Israel’s) branch is yet tender, and puts forth leaves, you KNOW that summer (My Return) is NEAR.” ~ Matthew 24:32 & Mark 13:28

The Biblical signs are so clear, through these fulfilled Prophecies, that God defends His people Israel and keeps every Promise which He has ever made to them. Still, the enemies of Israel will never learn. To this day, the Islamic nations of the Middle East, and muslims across the world, are still calling for Israel to be wiped off the map. They will never understand that this is an impossibility, because God has promised that, instead, all of the enemies of Israel will be WIPED OUT in the end.

The United Nations, which is comprised of mostly muslim nations, officially disregards Israel’s Biblical and historical claims to the Holy Land. Though, no matter how many anti-Israel resolutions they pass, Almighty God is crystal clear that Jerusalem and the entire Land of Israel was gifted to the Jews for an EVERLASTING possession. No matter what the Palestinians say, or anyone else for that matter, they can never change the facts and truth about the Holy Land, which God Himself has forever set in stone. Someday, they will deeply regret contending with the God of the Universe.


The UN and the liberal mainstream media refer to some of Israel’s most treasured Cities as “the West Bank” or “settlements” in order to DENY Israel’s 4,000 year old Biblical claim to the Land. They refer to Israel as an “occupier”. I have stated in many articles that NOT ONE IOTA of the Holy Land of Israel belongs to the Palestinians. The Israelis are not “occupying” anything, as much of the Godless world erroneously claims, rather they are exactly where God has always determined them to be.

In Biblical actuality, and in God’s Eyes, those living in modern-day Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and PALESTINE, are all “OCCUPYING” Land which God says “BELONGS to Israel”. The LORD says that Jerusalem, and the entire Holy Land of Israel, belongs to the Jews nearly 1,000 times in the Holy Bible. Allah, the god of Islam and the muslim world, mentions Jerusalem ZERO times in the Quran. ZERO!!!

If the Palestinians and the United Nations are successful in their demonic plot to take God’s Holy Land (specifically Jerusalem) away from the Jewish State, the LORD will pour out fierce Wrath upon ALL nations. All the countries of the world that have a hand in taking any parcel of Land from Israel, in order to give it to their enemies, will experience God’s JUDGMENTS (Joel 3:2). Dividing the Land of Israel also leads to ARMAGEDDON (World War 3), in which EVERY Nation that comes against Israel will be utterly DESTROYED.


Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital of Israel, has and will ALWAYS belong solely to the Jewish people according to the Word of the Living God. It is the City of the Great King, our Lord Jesus Christ, Who will return to personally put an end to the enemies of Israel. So, just as we saw Israel and Almighty God versus over a dozen nations in 1967, in the End it will be Israel and God versus the WORLD. Guess Who wins?

Moshe Dayan, who was commander of the Israeli forces in the Six Day War, and a very secular person, went to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem the day after it was liberated. There is a tradition to put notes to God in the Wall. Dayan put a little note to God in the crevices in the wall. As soon as he left, newspaper men ran and took the note out to read it. What did this secular military commander write in the note? It was a verse from the Holy Bible, from the Book of Psalms, and it said – “This is from God. It’s wondrous in our eyes.” Amen. It was nothing short of a MIRACLE.


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“Thus saith The LORD.. I will CONTEND with them that contend with ISRAEL.” ~ Isaiah 49:25

“Thus says The LORD God: Surely I will take the children of ISRAEL from among the nations, WHEREVER they have gone, and will gather them from EVERY side and bring them BACK into their OWN LAND.” ~ Ezekiel 37:21

“David said, The LORD God of ISRAEL has given rest unto HIS people (Jews), that they may dwell in Jerusalem FOREVER.” ~ 1st Chronicles 23:25

“David My servant will have a light ALWAYS before Me in JERUSALEM, the City which I MYSELF have chosen to put My Name THERE, saith The LORD.” ~ 1st Kings 11:36

“Let him go up to Jerusalem, which is in JUDAH, and build the House of The LORD God of Israel, (He Is THE God,) which is in JERUSALEM.” ~ Ezra 1:3

“The LORD does build up JERUSALEM: He gathers together the outcasts of ISRAEL.” ~ Psalm 147:2

“As birds flying, SO will The LORD of hosts DEFEND Jerusalem; defending also HE will deliver IT; and passing over HE will preserve IT.” ~ Isaiah 31:5

“And it SHALL come to pass in that day, that I will seek to DESTROY ALL the nations that COME AGAINST Jerusalem, saith The LORD God.” ~ Zechariah 12:9

“As you (nations) have done unto ISRAEL, it shall be done unto YOU (nations).” ~ Obadiah 1:15



  1. Wow! great message, well written,well presented, will treasure this, in detail I learned a lot precious Israel history and the truth how God’s words fulfilled in Israel thru his chosen people,thank you for the supporting biblical verses. I have this whole saved and shared.Thank you.

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  2. I keep going back and rereading this article again and again. I knew about the Six Day War and the outcome. Especially enjoy the linking of1967 victories to Biblical ones. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is orchestrating present events.

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