Suppressing Speech: Exposing Facebook’s War On Conservative Christians


“They are haters of God”. This Biblical phrase pops into my mind a lot these days, especially whenever I encounter extreme bias against this website on Facebook. Those of you who follow Biblical Signs ITH on social media are well aware of the problems that I’ve had with Facebook. Since the inception of my website, I have found that Facebook does not want my content being spread across the world’s largest social media platform. The pushback of Facebook against anything and everything Biblical Signs In The Headlines began early last year. Besides being constantly blocked and suspended from sharing my latest articles to Groups on the platform, Facebook started to block me from sharing the articles on my OWN personal profile.


You had better believe that I raised a stink, and contacted every Christian Conservative news outlet that I could, and within days, I was finally able to share my articles again. It was painfully obvious that the Social Media giant was not fond of the material I was producing here, and that they wanted to suppress and block everyone that they possibly could from seeing and sharing my articles.

Not long after the first incident, many friends began to tell me that they were not seeing my articles in their newsfeeds. So, to combat this, I created the Biblical Signs ITH official Facebook Page. I figured that this would be the answer to sharing my content without having to worry about Facebook trying to shut me down. I thought I had finally figured out a way to fight back, but sadly I was wrong. I started to notice, through the analytics tool on my Page, that though the number of my followers and page likes were growing, the number of people actually “seeing” the posts was getting smaller.


This made no sense whatsoever. As of today, I have about 600 followers on the Page, yet each post gets less than “10 views” a day. Worse, some get less than “5 views”, and some only “1 view” in a 24-48 hour period. It was becoming crystal clear that Facebook was suppressing my articles. I had always believed that they were hiding my content from friends and followers, but now I had PROOF through their own analytics tool. How in the world can I have 600 followers and less than FIVE of them see my posts? My friend Jay McCaney, host of The Christian Conservative, answered that question for me…


It is beyond bias from Facebook, it’s a downright hostile attack on Biblical Signs In The Headlines and myself personally. Now, I had never wanted to give my hard earned money to such a biased, liberal, anti-Christian, anti-Israel company, but I finally realized this week that the only way I would be able to reach like-minded believers was to advertise. So I set up 2 Facebook Ads to promote my recent articles and the petition which I created to #DEFUNDtheUN. Apparently, I can’t even PAY Facebook to share my articles!


I received a message saying that my Ad was not approved, to “edit it” and “try again”. When I tried to edit it, I was then told that “this post has been removed”.


So Facebook REMOVED a post from MY Page, and didn’t feel the need to inform me until I tried to edit it. How many other times have they removed my or other Christian Conservative’s posts unbeknownst to us?? That is wrong on so many levels. Believe it or not though, it actually gets worse. I tried to create another Ad for my recent petition, and again received the response that it had been “DENIED” and “REMOVED”.


So I tried one last time with another article, and received a message saying that I “do not have permission to create Ads for this account”. No explanations as to why. I, as of the publication of this article, remain completely and totally BLOCKED from advertising Biblical Signs ITH on Facebook.


The next morning, following the last denial message I had received, I got an email from Facebook, informing me that I had “violated” Facebook Policy? My Ads were deemed “against Facebook Guidelines”.


I received no detailed explanation as to HOW they violated the policies or guidelines though. So, I looked up their Policy and found their wording very interesting and telling, which allows their bias against Christian Conservatives to flourish –

“We reserve the right to reject, approve or remove any ad for ANY reason, in our sole discretion, including ads that negatively affect OUR relationship with our users or that promote content, services, or activities, CONTRARY to OUR competitive position, INTERESTS, or advertising PHILOSOPHY.”

In a nutshell, if you or I post anything “contrary” to the interests of liberal Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and his “team”, there will be NO ADVERTISING for us! What a bunch of GARBAGE. I personally was out of options on how to fight back against Facebook, as they are literally shutting down everything I share. So, I contacted many popular Christian friends and Conservative news outlets to make them aware of the Facebook juggernaut trying to CRUSH all of the lesser known grassroots Christian Conservative activists and websites.

While God has greatly prospered Biblical Signs ITH in such a short time and taken it to far greater heights than I could have ever imagined, with nearly 1 MILLION visitors in just over a year, unfortunately Facebook intends to STOP anymore global reach I may have. The devil is obviously not very fond of how many souls are being reached through this website. When the suppression of my articles first began last year, and they began to be blocked for no reason whatsoever, I contacted Jason Benham, and he applauded that I was “over the target”.

What Jason meant was that the demonic forces in the media were finally starting to take notice of my voice and message, and that I have become a viable enemy to them that must be dealt with. I do take great joy in that fact, but I also still feel that righteous anger bubble up inside every time I receive the constant messages from Facebook that I’ve been blocked from doing this, or denied the ability to do that, or suspended.




It just really bothers me, and many others who hear my story, that I can post 100 articles a day, but if Facebook decides that they don’t want them to be seen, the powers that be can HIDE every one of them from any and all newsfeeds. They must be really threatened by this website given the fact that they are flat out REMOVING posts from a Page that I personally run, and are denying me the same right as every other Facebook Page to pay to run Ads. This was the last straw, because now they were not fighting fair, and thus I was fighting a losing battle when they can shut me down at will.

I contacted the Activist Mommy, Elizabeth Johnston, whom Facebook earned unwanted negative media attention for, after they suspended her account for simply posting what the Holy Bible says about homosexuality. She has since become a household name and Facebook is very careful about how they treat her now. She put me in touch with a representative from Facebook whom she is working with to prevent discrimination against her on the platform. I provided the woman with the many screenshots proving Facebook’s obvious bias against my website, and she said that she would take a look at the evidence and get back to me.

As of the publication of this article my problem has not yet been remedied, but hopefully will be in the near future. Johnston, a Christian activist, says Facebook continues to censor her page, even after the social media giant was forced to apologize to her. She told CBN News that “People are contacting me saying, ‘I cannot access your page at all.. my app shuts down when I click on your page.. I cannot share your page.. there are no share buttons on your videos.. I cannot like your page.. when I like your page and I go back the next day it is unliked.’”


Last month, Facebook said that it had “made an error” by suspending her account. “Saying this was an accident is a joke!” Johnston told the Christian Post. “They sent me the post and said it specifically violated their community guidelines. Now they are saying they accidentally stated that and banned me for 10 days accidentally? No! It took a national news story to get my content returned to my page. What about the average Facebook user who doesn’t have that luxury? I am on a mission now to speak for them. I am receiving messages, screenshots and evidence from all over the world which proves that Facebook’s system for filtering and banning is punitive against conservatives and Christians.”

Amen Liz, and I want to say how appreciative and thankful I am for her help in my matter. She also rightfully pointed out that “Zuckerberg is saying Facebook is unbiased. But in reality, it appears he is using the platform to further his personal political, religious and globalist agenda. He is using Facebook as an ideological weapon and punishing those of us who don’t submit to the agenda with suspensions and deletions of our pages.” She is 110% right on about the Facebook founder and CEO.

Mark Zuckerberg said last year in a public post, “If you’re a Muslim in this community, as the leader of Facebook I want you to know that you are always welcome here and that we will fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment FOR YOU.” Peaceful and safe for muslims means anyone who criticizes the many horrors of Islam and their widespread global terror is SHUT DOWN.


Following the Supreme Court’s abominable Gay Marriage ruling last year, Zuckerberg posted that “Facebook is a proud supporter of Pride, and employees in many countries are taking part in events and decorating our offices to show support.” He sure wasn’t shy to show public support as he, along with nearly 1,000 of his employees, walked in San Francisco’s Gay Pride parade following the Court’s decision.


Zuckerberg also opposes the Conservative Christian “pro-Life” stance, and he has donated at least $500 MILLION to a charity which funds Planned Parenthood. The Activist Mommy and myself are not the only ones to be targeted by Facebook. Their bias against Conservative Christians goes back years. Last year, when caught in the act of suppressing Conservative content, Facebook actually admitted that “rogue” employees unintentionally discriminate against Conservative stories or even act with malice in “isolated improper actions.”

A few “ROGUE” employees? If it truly was just a few, the problem would not be as widespread across the platform as it is. In 2013, somehow a group called “Jesus F**k**g Christ. Sl*t Mary’s B*st*rd” was able to get past Facebook’s censors for a long period of time, as well as groups called “Christianity is a Plague Begging for a Cure” and “Virgin Mary should have Aborted”. Meanwhile, “Death to Israel” pages are reported by hundreds of thousands of Jews and Christians, yet we always receive the response from Facebook that “the Page does not violate our community standards”. Last June, Facebook DELETED Pamela Geller’s “Stop Islamization Of America” Page after the Orlando terror attack.

Over 75% of Facebook employees skew left, Facebook’s donors are Democrats, and most of the Social Media powerhouse’s employees are muslims working from offices in foreign countries. Are muslims who hate Christians, Jews, Israel, and everything we believe, really fair in policing what’s acceptable or “offensive” on Facebook? It sure does explain how “Death to Israel” and the blasphemous Pages against our God are not classified as “hate speech” by Facebook, but Christian pages defending Marriage, Life and Biblical Truth ARE.

I have been wanting to write an article on this subject for years, but always thought that Facebook would be forced to change it anti-Christian Conservative bias because of getting caught red-handed for it on so many occasions. They obviously will never change, and after their recent all-out attack on Biblical Signs In The Headlines and their full-fledged effort to shut me down on their platform, I felt that the time was ripe to EXPOSE FACEBOOK as the Conservative Christian haters that they truly are.

Zuckerberg and his powers that be at Facebook are not about “inclusion” or “diversity of opinions” as they deceptively propagate. Facebook is AGAINST our God, His Holy Word of Truth, His Chosen Nation Israel, Christians, Jews, and Conservatives, and is FOR any and every thing that stands in opposition to all of the above. Please spread this article far and wide to send a great big “DIS-LIKE” to Farce-book!


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UPDATE: November 2017

Almost 9 months later, and the suppression continues… I believe Mark Zuckerberg’s statement, just a few months ago, sums up why myself and so many other Christians have become enemy #1 to Facebook. Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook is “the NEW CHURCH” and that the social network would take on the role that Faith once did in giving people a sense of community. In order for something new to come along, you have to replace the OLD.

The “new Church” Zuckerberg is creating must be devoid of the “old Church”, and that is why he promotes ANTI-Biblical causes like LGBT lifestyles and abortion (Planned Parenthood). That is why he shuts down the Biblical views and opinions of myself and other believers which he thinks are “archaic”, and have no place in HIS “community”. He wants a Church without THE CHURCH. Here are just some of the many troubles which I continue to encounter today on Facebook – 

The posts that were REMOVED by Facebook were my articles from this website, which contain clean language, Biblical messages, and no vulgarity or questionable content. A child could read my articles! Yet, they VIOLATE Facebook’s “Community Standards” and “look like spam”. REALLY?! Blatant suppression…

Plus I get blocked weekly from posting to groups, including my OWN!  On top of that, they block me MULTIPLE TIMES in a row some days. How can they RE-BLOCK me when I’ve already been blocked once? They do this just to tack more days onto my suspension. It’s so ridiculous.

The worst thing Facebook is doing is dissuading my friends and followers from clicking the links to the website. Many have told me that Facebook warns them NOT to click on my website links because they may contain “viruses”! Seriously? It’s one thing to hide my articles, but it’s a whole ‘nother form of suppression when you try to SCARE people from clicking on my articles. 

It looks like the blatant censorship will continue in 2018 unfortunately, as 48 hours after having a weeklong suspension from posting to my Group lifted, I got suspended again for another week because of “spam”. Does THIS look like spam to any of you?!? 

This garbage needs to end. Facebook needs to be exposed in the mainstream media again. They have never stopped suppressing Conservative Christian content, though they have had to offer numerous public apologies. This is getting really old! Share this far and wide IF Facebook actually allows you to.

“Satan HINDERED us.” ~ 1st Thessalonians 2:18 

“And the dragon MADE WAR with those who keep the Commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” ~ Revelation 12:17

“Those by the way side are they that hear; then cometh the devil, and TAKES AWAY THE WORD out of their hearts, lest they should believe and BE SAVED.” ~ Luke 8:12

“JESUS said, You shall BE HATED of all men for MY Name’s sake..” ~ Matthew 10:22 & 24:9, Mark 13:13, Luke 21:17

“Blessed are you, when men shall HATE you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall REVILE you, and cast out your name as EVIL, for My sake.” ~ Luke 6:22

“For every one that does evil HATES the light, neither comes to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.” ~ John 3:20

“JESUS said, The world cannot hate you; but ME it hates, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are EVIL… If the world HATES YOU, you know that it hated ME before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love his OWN: but because you are NOT OF the world, but I have chosen you OUT OF the world, therefore the world hates you.” ~ John 7:7 & 15:18

“They are.. HATERS OF GOD.” ~ Romans 1:30

“Marvel not, my brethren, if the world HATES YOU.” ~ 1st John 3:13  

“For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the ENEMIES of the Cross of Christ.” ~ Philippians 3:18

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