1ST ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: A Look Back At The Inaugural Year


One year ago today I penned the first article for Biblical Signs In The Headlines, and I never imagined that the website would reach the heights that it has. The year beforehand, I had written for the Truth Dispatch, but last Fall the Founder decided to drop all contributors and go it on his own. At first I was really discouraged, because just as my work was gaining recognition and many people were showing interest, it felt like the devil had shut my voice down. In one day, out of the blue, my rapidly growing audience disappeared. In the days following my Truth Dispatch departure, I scoured the internet for similar News and Opinion sites which were seeking contributors. I didn’t have much luck. Not long after, I received a revelation from the Holy Spirit to start my OWN website. Though I was relatively new to professional journalism and not at all familiar with website building, on this very night a year ago, it somehow all came together.

I first started Biblical Signs as a way to keep my articles flowing to the audience which I had built over at the Dispatch. At the time, I would say that I probably had a couple of hundred visitors a month at the most. While I loved writing, my articles and website were nothing to write home about. God had much bigger plans! Slowly but surely, friends and family started to spread the word, and that couple hundred turned into a couple of thousand. While that really excited me, I never could have imagined what the Good Lord had in store for the website.

Over 750,000 visitors later, nearly ONE MILLION in the first year, God has certainly worked wonders. He has made Biblical Signs a legitimate and trusted news source for Holy Bible believers across the world. When I first started writing for the Dispatch, I was only reaching a handful of readers in the United States. As of today, I reach thousands upon thousands in over 100 nations of the world. HalleluYah! One year ago, I never thought I would reach 20,000 people, let alone nearly 1,000,000! God is too Good. The following map illustrates the global reach which Biblical Signs has had. All of the nations below which are colored in orange and yellow have accessed the website.


Today, what I intended to be a website for Christian Conservative news and opinion, The Lord has turned into a global ministry. Praise God! What I initially thought to be a curse, losing my platform at the Truth Dispatch, God turned into an overflowing blessing through the creation of Biblical Signs. He also opened many doors to bring attention to the website. One of the biggest and most important doors that he opened was bringing me into contact with the Benham Brothers, Jason and David.

I really admired these two brothers in Christ and I was overjoyed when I found just how approachable and humble they were. It’s no wonder they are so blessed. I was so thankful when they took time out of their busy lives to give an interview for my inaugural Christmas Special. They are a big reason for the rapid growth of the website, and you cannot mention Biblical Signs In The Headlines without mentioning the Benham Bros, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m honored and appreciative to call them friends, but above all, brothers in Christ.

For this inaugural Anniversary Special, I wanted to take a look back at some of the most popular articles of the past year. So starting with last October, here are highlights from the most read articles of each month up until today ~



“In this backslidden, seemingly Faithless society, there is a pressing need for someone to teach the Truth about Jesus Christ to a world in which liberal, new age, and even “unconverted convert” Christian leaders are spreading the blasphemous lies that He was merely a “good spiritual teacher” or “inspirational figure”. He was so beyond more. He was Mighty GOD in the Flesh, deemed Lord of all, Saviour of the world, and the Messiah of Israel by His Father in Heaven YaHWeH. For over 2,000 years, more of the world has known HIS NAME, believer and non-believer alike, than they have the names of Noah, Moses, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Julius Caesar, Muhammed, Buddha, Ghandi, all the kings and queens of England, or any other influential historical figure. We tell TIME and the Seasons by HIM. The Year 2015 represents 2,015 years since HE came into our world. This is all because, through HIM Alone, God The Father is constantly reaching out for reconciliation to a world full of poor sinners. YaHWeH, The Eternal God and Father of Heaven and earth, has dubbed JESUS CHRIST as “The Name above ALL names” at which “EVERY KNEE must bow” (Ephesians 1:21 & Philippians 2:9)…”



“Well, I’ve done it, and compiled a list covering EVERY year, even EVERY month of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, and in no surprise to me, EVERY single one contained an act AGAINST Israel…”



“Benham Bros: Looking at where we are as a culture we can’t help but see incredible similarities between modern day America and the Babylonian culture of Daniel’s time. The way he and his three buddies lived within that culture but stayed true to God are lessons vital for Christians today. Our goal is to inspire and equip people to thrive like Daniel in today’s Babylon. We talk about his conviction, commitment, and courage that transformed his world and how we can do the same today. In WhateverTheCost we tell OUR story. In LivingAmongLions we seek to help build YOUR story…”



“Hillary doesn’t seem to have any problem with Islamic terrorists or anti-semites, but she DOES seem to have a problem with, yep you guessed it, Bible-believing CHRISTIANS. Just last year, Hillary made a very telling statement of what her administration would look like for devout believers of the Word of God, as she told a Woman’s Forum, “Traditional Religious BELIEFS in this Country have to BE CHANGED.” She said this while speaking of Christians’ Biblical opposition to Gay Marriage and Abortion. Clinton’s 2016 platform will allow partial birth abortion to protect the mother’s “health,” which includes “emotional” health. That means murder of a baby would be acceptable for MILD DEPRESSION in a mother. Clinton is also an outspoken supporter of Gay Marriage. She was the FIRST First Lady to ever march in a “gay pride parade”…”



“During a news interview in the early years of his presidency, Obama recited the Muslim call to prayer in Arabic, with what was called a “perfect accent.” Obama described the Islamic chant as “the prettiest sound on Earth”. The chant proclaims (Note: If you are a Christian or Jew, DO NOT read this declaration aloud, as it is BLASPHEMOUS to our God) “Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! … I testify that there is no god but Allah! … I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” Obama believes that this proclamation is the “prettiest sound on earth.” Christians and Jews disagree. YAHWEH is our God. JESUS CHRIST is our Lord. Muhammad is NOT our prophet and Allah is most definitely NOT our God. Reciting the Shahada, in public, is a CRUCIAL act in entering and practicing the Islamic faith…”



“We have seen more God-provoking  abominations committed in this Nation than EVER BEFORE in history, with the majority of them endorsed, promoted and enforced by the Obama Administration. Though many argue in today’s uneducated, Godless society over whether or not America has always been a Christian Nation, it is crystal clear that we were founded as, always have been, and were intended to ALWAYS BE. Look no further than Obama’s predecessors, the first 43 Presidents of the United States, as they ALL proclaimed that America is subservient and beholden to ONE GOD, the God of the Holy Bible, the God of Judaism and Christianity. I’m not saying that they were all Godly Christians, as most of them, Republican and Democrat alike, have done things I disagree with Biblically. Yet, though imperfect, none of them challenged the fact that this is a Nation under THE GOD of the Holy Bible. None of them questioned the influence which the Holy Bible has had, has, and should have on America. That was until Barack Obama…”



“Lord Jesus said that one of the primary signs indicating that His Return (Rapture of the faithful) is near, would be “POWERFUL EARTHQUAKES in diverse places”. This sign also goes hand in hand with another Latter Days sign which is also being fulfilled, and that is many “SCOFFERS” at His Return.

“.. There shall come in the LAST DAYS scoffers, walking after their OWN lusts, And saying, WHERE is the promise of HIS coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, ALL things continue as they WERE from the beginning of the creation.” ~ 2nd Peter 3:3-4

Today, these scoffers among us are those who say that we have ALWAYS had earthquakes, and it is nothing new. They do not understand though that Jesus specifically referred to “POWERFUL” earthquakes across the globe, which means increasing in size and intensity. This has most definitely been the case in the past decade, and especially in the past 5 years since the historic 9.0 Japan Quake and the Tsunami that ensued…”



“Democrats are becoming Republicans in record numbers. It is NOT because they have seen the error of their ways. It is not because they have become right-wing Holy Bible thumpers like me, or because they all of a sudden embrace Christian Conservative values. Rather, it is because the Republican party has moved to the left, and is ABANDONING the principles it was founded on. That’s why I want to publicly make clear that I’m NOT a Republican anymore, and I’m NEVER a Democrat. I’m A CHRISTIAN. I’m beholden to NO Political Party. I vote Biblical values every time, all of the time. No compromise. No settling. End of discussion. Period…”



“Some of you will hate to hear this, but the Truth must be told, even when it’s inconvenient to hear. In 1964, at age 22, in the prime of his boxing career, Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. turned his back on Jesus Christ to join the Nation of Islam. In his conversion to Islam, he changed his name to Muhammad Ali. He remained an adherent muslim until his death this week. He was vocally anti-Israel, and once referred to Jews and Christians as “devils”. Yet, I see many Christians speaking nothing but praise for him, some of them referring to him as “The Greatest”. Think about that. Would any of us Holy Bible-believing Christians call any other apostate “great”, let alone “the GREATEST”? The trouble that leads to this hypocritical double standard of judgment amongst Christians today is “Celebrity Worship”. If just any muslim or atheist boxer died, and fans of the athlete were speaking of him passing on to Heaven, most Christians would be thumping their Holy Bibles and professing that Jesus is the Only Way. Yet, because this boxer was Muhammad Ali, things are somehow different? Muhammad gets a pass because he was famous?…”



“As of July 1st, at least 34 Israelis have been murdered, and over 300 injured by Palestinian terrorists. Actually, I should say, Palestinian CITIZENS. Because surprisingly, virtually none of the attacks were carried out by the well known terror group Hamas, but instead by average Palestinian people. Hamas is definitely responsible for starting the wave of terror by putting out the initial calls for the murder of Israelis, but they themselves have for the most part not gotten their hands dirty. They have simply sat back and watched the Palestinian citizens do their bidding. This should dispel the widely accepted myth that Palestinians in Gaza are the “poor defenseless victims” of Israel. Many in the liberal media have long claimed that Israel treats Palestine harshly. Though Israel has NOT, the Jewish State certainly has every right to! Because the Palestinians have shown in the past 9 months that they are nothing but MURDEROUS terrorist scum. They should be treated as such…”



“If you discriminate against the Jews, you might as well discriminate against me. If you hate the Jews, then you hate me. If you want war with the Jews and Israel, then you will have war WITH ME. This should be the battlecry of every Holy Bible believing Christian across the world. When anyone messes with our God’s Chosen people and Nation, they mess with us. ANTI-SEMITISM MUST STOP WITH US. This can’t just be a tough-sounding slogan friends, it must become our way of life! To end this Israeli Olympic-themed article on a good note, Judo fighter Yarden Gerbi took home the Bronze Medal this week, making her Israel’s first Olympic medal winner since 2008! Just today, Or Sasson took home a Bronze in Men’s Judo as well. Go Team ISRAEL!!!…”



““Matthew 24 is knocking at the door” is a famous line from one of Johnny Cash’s many gospel songs. He is referring to The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24, which is the most important piece of scripture for Bible Prophecy buffs concerning Jesus’ Return, aside from the Book of Revelation and Luke’s Gospel, Chapter 21. In Matthew 24, Lord Jesus gives us one of the most detailed accounts of the Last Days and of signs pointing to His imminent Return to earth. When I heard that the next Hurricane would bear a Biblical Name, and even more notable, the name of the Gospel writer who gave such a vivid picture of the season leading up to Christ’s return, I knew right away that the storm would be significant…”



“The Biblical Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) will begin at sundown, and like the past 2 Holy Years, God will usher in His Holy Feast with a Sign in the heavens. At 8:00 pm ET, a SUPERMOON will rise. The moon will come to the second nearest position to Earth (222,365 miles), behind only this November’s Supermoon which will only be around 1,000 miles closer. Normally, the earth and moon are nearly 240,000 miles apart. Tonight’s moon will appear 14% larger than average, and 30% brighter. On top of this, last night, on the Eve of this Biblical Feast, a rare Super BLOOD MOON rose! The past two Tabernacles’ Feasts have been accompanied by Blood Moons, and this year’s Supermoon was preceded by a Blood Moon! Does God have your attention yet?!…”

To read any of these articles in their entirety, click on the highlighted titles. These are just 13 of nearly 100 articles which I’ve written in the past year, so if you enjoy them, be sure to check out the rest! I have no idea how this incredible first year could be topped, but with God in the Driver’s seat, the sky is the limit! Thanks again to the Benham Brothers for helping to put Biblical Signs on the map. Thanks to all those who have spread the word and shared my articles. Above all, thanks be to God, without Whom I wouldn’t be writing about a first Anniversary. Lord willing there will be many more! Thanks for all of the interest and support. Always remember, God’s Word Trumps ALL.

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Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or imagine, according to the power that works in us, Unto Him be Glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. AMEN.” ~ Ephesians 3:20-21

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