Nations United Against Israel: UN General Assembly Is An Anti-Semitic Hatefest


The 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly kicked off this week, and with it, a verbal assault on the Nation of Israel by leaders from across the globe. This is of course nothing new. For decades, and increasingly more each year, the UN has only been united on one thing for certain, and that is hatred of the Jewish State. In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the global body has always been biased against Israel, while forcefully pushing the agenda of the murderous Palestinians. The reason for such overwhelming bias is that a majority of the member states represent nations which are predominantly Islamic. That certainly explains why the UN is a hotbed of anti-Semitism, as Islam has never been fond of the Jews. We are only three days into the annual gathering in New York City, and already seemingly every recognizable world leader has been verbally hostile towards God’s Chosen Nation. This includes the most Anti-Israel president of ALL-TIME, Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama said in his speech to the Assembly, that Israel “would be better off if it did not permanently OCCUPY and settle Palestinian land”. The man who represents the nation which is Israel’s Greatest Ally globally, in one sentence, grossly delegitimized the Jewish State. He also opened the door for “open season on Israel” speeches by the other world leaders at the Assembly. When the leader of America, whom Israel views as their closest friend on the world stage, takes shots at Israel and peddles lies about them to a global audience, that gives every other leader the green light to follow suit. What a disgrace this president has been to the United States of America, and what a disaster he has been for Israel. He has been a best friend to America’s enemies, and a hostile enemy to our greatest allies. God forgive the USA for ever electing such an anti-Israel antiChrist! For more on Obama, read my article “The Most Anti-Israel President Of ALL-TIME”, which documents Obama’s two terms of hostility toward the Jewish State.

Following Obama’s lead, many other world leaders took aim at Israel in their speeches to the Assembly. The king of Jordan, Abdullah, warned that Israel would find itself in “a sea of HATRED” if it did not accept a “Palestinian state”.

Egypt’s Al-Sisi said the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was at “the core of regional instability”. NO Sisi, I’m pretty sure that ISIS, Assad in Syria, and Iran, are the primary reasons for instability in the Mid-East, NOT the tiny nation of Jews. It’s just what a muslim does though, when an entire continent dominated by Islam is on fire, they blame the JEWS. Despicable.

Turkey’s anti-Semitic president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that the implementation of a two-state solution is an “obligation of the international community”. What he is saying is that a Palestinian state (on ISRAELI Land) must be created BY the United Nations, and not by negotiations between Israel and Palestine. He, like many leaders, wants the UN to use FORCE to remove Israel off of the land which Palestinians desire for their own. He went on to say, “There is a need to allow for the Palestinian people to establish an independent Palestine with it’s capital in East JERUSALEM”. (Jerusalem has been Israel’s God-given Capital for around 4,000 years).

The prince of Saudi Arabia also joined in on the anti-Israel hatefest, as he issued a “call for an end of Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Arab land”. He also condemned Israel’s “terrorist practices”. He continued, “Israel tampers with the holy city of Jerusalem ruining the Arab, the Islamic and Christian identity of the city”. Where do I begin in countering this imbecile’s rambling of lies and falsehoods? I was never a fan of Maury Povich, but let’s have some fun with this…


Prince Mohammed bin Naif, you said that Israel “occupied” Arab (Palestinian) land… The Holy Bible has determined that to be a LIE.

Princess Naif, you accused Israel of “terrorist practices”… Reality has determined this to be a LIE. The truth is, that YOUR nation, Saudi Arabia, is behind only Iran, as the world’s largest funder and sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

Artist formerly known as Prince Naif, you said that Israel ruins the Islamic and Christian identity of the Holy City, Jerusalem… Once again, the Holy Bible has determined this to be ANOTHER LIE. Biblically, the Holiest City on earth was gifted to Israel by God Almighty to be their Eternal Capital. Islam has no claims to the City. Also, Israel does nothing to harm the Christian identity, unlike Saudi Arabia, the Jewish State PROTECTS the Christian identity. I was surprised to hear the Saudi prince so “concerned” about Christian identity, because in Saudi Arabia, converts to Christianity from Islam risk being executed. Home Churches are raided by Saudi police. They do not allow Churches or Synagogues to be built in the Country. Saudi clerics call for Muslims to burn down every Church in the Islamic lands. Looks like Saudi Arabia isn’t the best model for protecting Christian identity.

Let’s move on to the next Israel hater, Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber al-Mubarak al-Hamad al-Sabah. First off, he must hate when people ask for his signature! This guy called on the UN Security Council to “implement resolutions that lead to the Palestinian people’s attaining their own state with (once again) East JERUSALEM as their capital”. The muslims obsess over dividing Jerusalem because they know it is the heart of Israel. It is the Holiest City on earth which God gifted solely to the Jewish State. That is why the Palestinians want it so badly.

Someone else who wants the Palestinians to possess Jerusalem is the crooked and biased UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. In his speech, he said, “Ten years of illegal settlement expansion and fifty years of occupation. This is madness and need to end”. Take sides much Moon? What is taking place at the UN this week is real MADNESS, and the blatant, unbridled hatred of Israel, the God of the Holy Bible, and the Jews, is truly what needs to END.

In all of the speeches by Israel haters, you most always hear the term “occupation”. Let me explain what they are referring to. In June of 1967, Islamic armies attacked Israel from every border, looking to finish what Hitler started, attempting to wipe the Jewish people and Israel off of the map. Though greatly outnumbered by tens of thousands of troops, miraculously, the small number of Israeli forces not only defended their Nation valiantly, but after only a SIX-DAY War, they recaptured their ancient Biblical Capital, JERUSALEM. The Islamists controlled the Holy City for centuries after seizing it from the Christians. So, when you hear “occupying land”, the muslims are referring to Jews living in Jerusalem or even Judea. The word Jew is derived from “JUDAH”, from which the name of the City “JUDEA” came, and yet, muslims still want us all to believe that it is “muslim land”. Obama and the UN want YOU to believe it too. They are Biblically and historically wrong.


The UN refers to some of Israel’s most treasured ancient land as the “West Bank” or “settlements” in order to DENY Israel’s 4,000 year old Biblical claim to the Land. I have stated in many articles that NOT ONE IOTA of the Holy Land of Israel belongs to the Palestinians. The Israelis are not “occupying” anything, rather they are exactly where God has always determined them to be. In Biblical actuality, and in God’s Eyes, those living in modern-day Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and other Islamic lands are all “occupying” Land that God says belongs to ISRAEL. Yet, due to centuries of anti-semitic, nazi, and Islamic propaganda PUSHED as “truth” into our modern society, upon a generation vastly uneducated in Biblical history, many today believe that ISRAEL is occupying Palestinian land. Though it is actually the complete OPPOSITE that is taking place. To learn more, read my article “JERUSALEM: The Eternal Capital And Promised Land Of Israel ALONE”.

The UN, through its accreditation of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), is also secretly promoting anti-semitism, violence against Jews, and the destruction of the Jewish state. Here are just a few of the vile things that United Nations NGOs are spewing today – “Zionism is a colonialist, racist, ideology of conquest, oppression, subjugation and control”. (Near East Cultural and Educational Foundation of Canada) – “Our world is now faced with Zionism, and its devilish schemes which generate chaos all over the world”. (International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination) – “The Al-Quds Intifadah *Acts of murder against Jews in Israel* is a legitimate expression of the Palestinian people’s will to resist continued humiliation by the occupying power”. (International Progress Organization) – These are just a few of the many anti-Israel UN-accredited NGOs, which also wipe Israel off of all their maps, replacing it with “Palestine”.

On top of all of the hate-filled and racist speeches against Israel this week, the UN Security Council may also consider a resolution which will “set definite territorial parameters, and a deadline, for the creation of a Palestinian state”. President Obama has hinted that in these final months of his presidency, he may REVERSE the long-held traditional U.S. policy of vetoing such resolutions. This would no doubt bring The LORD’s Wrath on America moreso than ever before, so let’s pray that Obama does not make this catastrophic error. With or without him though, the Security Council will no doubt continue to push this demonic resolution. The Security Council has already passed at least 230 resolutions against Israel, which is FAR more than they have against any other nation of the world.

The General Assembly’s 2015 session adopted 20 resolutions singling out Israel, and only THREE resolutions on the rest of the world combined. The 3 were comprised of ONE against Syria (a regime that murdered more than 200,000 of its own people), just ONE against Iran, and a measly ONE against North Korea. So 20 resolutions condemning the Middle East’s only democracy, and just one-a-piece for 3 of the world’s most brutal, murderous and dangerous regimes. In the past decade, Israel has been condemned by the UNHRC over 60 times. More than ALL other Nations COMBINED. Think about that and let it sink in. In the same period, the UN condemned Syria less than 20 times, Iran only 5 times, North Korea less than 10 times, and Russia, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, and China, a whopping 0 times. ZERO!!!


Just to recap, all of the world’s most notorious, murderous, and free-world threatening Nations were condemned 30 times COMBINED, which is less than HALF of the more than 60 times which the Jewish State has been “condemned” by the UNHRC. The United Nations is total GARBAGE. Tomorrow, the Prime Minister of Israel, the honorable Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu, will be stepping foot in the lion’s den once again, as he addresses the General Assembly. Hopefully he will, as he’s done in years past, call out the UN on their blatant bias against the Jewish State. Here are some of his strong remarks from last year’s speech –

“The UN should finally rid itself of the obsessive bashing of Israel. Here’s just one absurd example of this obsession: In four years of horrific violence in Syria, more than a quarter of a million people have lost their lives. That’s more than 10 times, more than 10 times, the number of Israelis and Palestinians combined who have lost their lives in a century of conflict between us. Yet last year, this assembly adopted 20 resolutions against Israel and just ONE resolution about the savage slaughter in Syria. Talk about injustice. Talk about disproportionality. Twenty. Count them. One against Syria. Well, frankly I am not surprised.

To borrow a line from Yogi Berra, the late, great baseball player and part-time philosopher: When it comes to the annual bashing of Israel at the UN, it’s déjà vu all over again… Enough! Thirty-one years after I stood here for the first time, I’m still asking: When will the UN finally check its anti-Israel fanaticism at the door? When will the UN finally stop slandering Israel as a threat to peace and actually start helping Israel advance peace?”

Sadly Prime Minister, it doesn’t look like anytime soon, if this year’s General Assembly is any indicator. One thing is for certain, though Obama has stabbed Bibi and Israel in the back too many times to count, the American PEOPLE stand with Israel. While the Nations may be united against the Jewish State, Israel has the best Defender in the world: The LORD God Almighty. There are many prophecies in the Holy Bible concerning the nations who conspire against Israel or attempt to divide their Holy Land, and the prophecies do not end well for those nations. Sadly, as long as Obama is at the wheel, America may be one of those nations.

Not coincidentally, I’m sure, a replica of the “Temple of Baal” was erected in New York City this past Monday, the same day that the UN General Assembly began. According to the Encyclopedia of Religion, “Allah” corresponded to the Babylonian god “Baal”, whom Arabs knew of long before Muhammed dubbed him as the supreme god.” So, this week, we’ve witnessed the abomination of a temple being erected to the chief of the FALSE gods, and the world’s leaders making threatening speeches and wicked plots against Israel in the SAME CITY. This will most assuredly not bode well for New York City, nor America for that matter. When you CONTEND with Israel, you contend with The LORD.

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“Thus saith The LORD.. I will CONTEND with him that contends with ISRAEL…” ~ Isaiah 49:25

“For the day of The LORD is near upon all the heathen: as (the NATIONS) have done (unto ISRAEL), it shall BE DONE unto (the NATIONS)…” ~ Obadiah 1:15

“.. SATAN stood up AGAINST Israel.” ~ 1st Chronicles 21:1

“Let them ALL be confounded and turned back that HATE ZION.” ~ Psalm 129:5

“Thus saith The LORD God, I will gather ALL NATIONS, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat (Judgment), and will judge THEM there on behalf of MY people and for MY Heritage ISRAEL.. because they have DIVIDED MY LAND (Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria).” ~ Joel 3:2

“The Lord roars from Zion, and from Jerusalem raises His Voice.. The Lord is a REFUGE to His people, a Stronghold to the men of ISRAEL.” ~ Joel 4:16

“Thus says The LORD God: Surely I will take the children of ISRAEL from among the nations, WHEREVER they have gone, and will gather them from EVERY side and bring them back into their OWN LAND.” ~ Ezekiel 37:21

“And it SHALL come to pass in that day, that I will seek to DESTROY ALL the nations that come AGAINST Jerusalem, saith The LORD God.” ~ Zechariah 12:9

“Thus says The LORD, What have YOU to do with ME.. O coasts of PALESTINE? Will you render ME a recompence? And IF you recompense Me, SWIFTLY and speedily will I return YOUR recompence upon your OWN HEAD.” ~ Joel 3:4

“Thus saith The Lord GOD; Because the Philistines (PALESTINIANS) have dealt by REVENGE, and have taken vengeance with a DESPITEFUL heart, to destroy ISRAEL for the old HATRED; Therefore thus saith The Lord GOD; Behold, I will stretch out My Hand upon the Philistines (Palestinians).. and DESTROY the remnant of the sea coast. And I will execute great VENGEANCE upon them with FURIOUS rebukes; and they shall KNOW that I Am The LORD, when I shall lay My Vengeance upon THEM.” ~ Ezekiel 25:15-17

“They have said, Come, and let us cut them (Jews) off FROM being a Nation; that the Name of ISRAEL may be NO MORE in remembrance.. these nations (which come against Israel) will be CONFOUNDED and troubled FOREVER; yea, they will be put to shame, and PERISH.” ~ Psalm 83


  1. Well said with a lot of good research. You missed though on the temple of Baal in NY City. It is the victory arch that was built celebrating victory over the Jews on the street that leads to the Temple of Baal. So this victory arch is now displayed in NY City representing victory over the Jews. If my research team of one is correct.

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