Coptic Crisis: Muslim Mob Attacks Christians In Egypt


A muslim mob in Cairo, Egypt, stripped an elderly Christian woman and paraded her nude on the streets during an attack last week in which 7 Christian homes were looted and torched. The assault in the Minya province village of Karma last Friday began after rumors had spread that the old woman’s Christian son had sexual relations with a Muslim woman (which is forbidden by Islamic law). Egypt’s top Christian cleric, said that the 70-year-old woman was dragged out of her home by the mob who beat her and insulted her before they stripped off her clothes and forced her to walk through the streets naked, as they chanted “Allahu Akbar” which means “Allah is great.”

In Islam, Christian men cannot marry Muslim women in Egypt unless they convert to Islam first, but convenient for the Muslim men, they are permitted to marry Christian women. When a Christian man and a Muslim woman engage in an intimate relationship, and the Muslim community becomes aware of it, violence and Christian persecution soon follows.

Attiyah Ayad, a farmer from a nearby village witnessed the attack, and described how the mob chanted “we must drive the infidels out” as they looted and burned the Christian homes. He said they were armed with firearms, knives and sticks. “They emptied magazine after magazine,” he said, “firing in the air to terrorize us.” He suffered a head injury from being hit by a rifle butt and his son Ayad, sustained a deep knife wound in his left shoulder.

The family of the old woman’s son had notified the police of threats against them by Muslim villagers the day before the attack. Yet, no one did anything and the police took no pre-emptive or security measures in anticipation of the attacks. Christians, who make up only 10% of Egypt’s population of more than 90 million people, have long complained of discrimination in the Muslim-dominated nation.


The animalistic violence and disrespect of women by Egyptian Muslims is not just confined to the Christian community. In 2011, during the Egyptian uprising to oust their former leader Hosni Mubarak, CBS correspondent Lara Logan was brutally raped by a Muslim mob. The 39 year old said she was convinced she was going to die when at least 200 frenzied men tore her away from her film crew and bodyguard in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. They beat her, pinched her and tore at her clothes in a 40-minute attack that only ended when a group of women came to her aid. She has since said of the attack, “What really struck me was how merciless they were. They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence.”

In the same year, many Churches were set on fire in Egypt during the national uprising. In another instance of a Muslim woman being romantically involved with a Christian man, a Muslim mob burned the Church of the man. Large groups of Coptic Christians protested the Church burning, and when the army arrived to stop the protests,  the Egyptian military killed at least 24 Christians in what became known as the “Maspero massacre”. They were met with hundreds of riot police and tanks. Army vehicles charged at the protesters and there were reports of at least 6 protesters being crushed under the tanks, including one with a crushed skull. In addition, witnesses confirmed that military personnel were firing live ammunition into the protesters, while the Health Ministry said that at least 20 protesters had undergone surgery for bullet wounds. In total, at least 25 Christians were killed, while numbers as high as 50 were reported.

In another incident, a Muslim mob marched Catholic nuns through the streets of Cairo like prisoners of war in a sign of displeasure with Egypt’s Christian minority. Sister Manal, principal of a Franciscan school, watched for hours as the mob looted her school, knocked the Cross off the gate and replaced it with a black banner resembling the flag of Al Qaeda. The Holy Bibles and the building were then burned to the ground.


In 2013, the Muslim hostility toward the Christian community drastically escalated, as nearly 80 Churches, Convents and Christian schools were looted and torched across Egypt, along with scores of Christian businesses and homes. Christian clergy and laymen were beaten and killed, and Church officials were put on assassination lists. Just last year, a group of young Muslims firebombed a church built to memorialize the Coptic Christian victims of ISIS beheadings. There were many more isolated violent incidents against Egyptian Christians in the past 7 years, but this article should give you an idea of just how difficult and dangerous it is to be a Christian in the Islamic world today.

What’s worse, Egypt is often portrayed by many in the mainstream media as a “moderate and tolerant” Islamic Nation, a “model” for the other Muslim nations across the world. If Egypt is the face of “moderate Islam”, then it just goes to show that even the most “peaceful and tolerant” nation under Islamic rule is utterly barbaric. Egypt is just as anti-semitic, anti-Christian and brutally anti-women as ISIS is. Egypt just has better “P.R.” with the mainstream media. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, because it bears repeating: ISIS and all Islamic terrorism IS Islam. Likewise, Egypt IS Islam. There is no difference. There is no distinction. Islam IS Islam wherever you go, and wherever you go, Islam is EVIL. Pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in the Islamic lands.

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“And when He had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the ALTAR the souls of them that were SLAIN for the WORD OF GOD (Holy Bible)..” ~ Revelation 6:9

“.. And I saw the souls of them that were BEHEADED for the Witness of JESUS, and for the WORD OF GOD..” ~ Revelation 20:4

“JESUS said, Then shall they deliver you (Christians) up to BE AFFLICTED, and shall KILL YOU: and you shall be HATED of all nations for MY NAME’S Sake.” ~ Matthew 24:9

“JESUS said.. The time COMES, that whosoever KILLS you will THINK that he (Islamist) does GOD service. And THESE things will they (Islamists) do unto you (Christians and Jews), because they have NOT KNOWN The Father, NOR ME.” ~ John 16:2-3

“For MANY walk, of whom I have told you OFTEN, and now tell you even WEEPING, that they are the ENEMIES of the THE CROSS of Christ.” ~ Philippians 3:18

“JESUS said, Remember the word that I said unto you, The SERVANT is not greater than his LORD. If they have PERSECUTED ME, they will ALSO persecute YOU..” ~ John 15:20

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