May 14th, 1948: The REBIRTH Of Israel


Today marks Independence Day in the Nation of Israel. 68 years ago, on May 14th, 1948, the world witnessed the BIGGEST Biblical Prophecy FULFILLED since Jesus Christ came to earth – the REBIRTH of God’s Chosen Nation. The LORD prophesied, over 3,000 years ago, that the Israelite Jews would be exiled from their Holy Land for around 2,500 Years. After that period of separation, He promised to RETURN them to their Biblical Homeland. In 606 BC, the Jewish exile began. In the EXACT number of Biblically-prophesied years later, in 1948, God fulfilled His promise. He gathered the Jews from all of the nations of the world where they had been scattered, brought them BACK to their Ancient Promised Land, and the Nation of Israel was REBORN. The LORD faithfully kept His 3,000 year old Promise, to the EXACT YEAR. Here is the mathematical Prophecy which is found in the Holy Bible’s Book of Ezekiel…

The Prophecy of Exile and RETURN

“God said to Ezekiel, ‘Now lie on your left side for 390 days to show Israel will be punished for 390 years by captivity and doom. Each day you lie there represents a year of punishment ahead for Israel. Afterwards, turn over and lay on your right side for 40 days,to signify the years of Judah’s punishment. Each day will represent one year…” (EZEKIEL 4:4-6)

So, we have 390 days of Judgment against the 10 northern tribes of Israel + 40 days of Judgment against the 2 southern tribes of Israel, which equals 430 years of Judgment against the Jewish Nation. In 606 BC, Israel was taken into captivity by Babylon for exactly 70 years. So, 430 years of judgment determined against nation of Israel – 70 fulfilled during the Babylonian captivity = 360 years remaining in judgment.

After the Babylonian captivity, many have wondered where exactly was the remaining 360 year judgment in Israel’s history? We must look to the Biblical “7X Factor” of God’s Judgment. Biblical scholars could not find any specific captivity or dispersion that fulfilled the 360 years left in the judgment until a closer look into the Book of Leviticus revealed the 7X prophetic warning.

“Thus saith The LORD.. After all this, if you do not obey Me, then I will punish you SEVEN TIMES MORE for your sins.” – LEVITICUS 26:18, 21, 27-28, 33

God thus warned Israel that if they continued in their disobedience He would multiply their judgment by SEVEN TIMES. God always says what He means, and He means what He says. Now let’s apply the 7X factor to the remaining 360 years of judgment against the Nation of Israel in this remarkable mathematical Prophecy… 360 years x 7 = 2,520 Years of judgment remaining for Israel.

God gave the Jews the most sophisticated calendar on Earth. It is both a Lunar and a Solar calendar. The Jewish calendar uses a 360 day lunar (and Prophetic) year and then adds a Leap Month on specific years to accurately coincide with the Solar cycle which we use on our Julian calendar. The Holy Bible uses 360 day years for prophecies and expects us to add the appropriate leap months on schedule. So, the easiest way to unravel this Prophecy is to first convert it into days…

2,520 years x 360 days = 907,200 days of Judgment remained against Israel after the Babylonian captivity. We then convert the 907,200 days into our 365.25 day solar (Julian) years (the .25 adjusts for leap years)… 907,200 days ÷ 365.25 days = 2,483.78 years of God’s Judgment remained upon Israel.


In 606 BC, Israel was taken into Babylonian captivity – 70 Years = 536 BC. Now add the 2,483 years remaining in this Judgment + 1 Year, because there is no “0” BC or AD, and we arrive at 1948 AD! The end of Israel’s Judgment culminated in the RETURN of the Jews to their Biblical Homeland, and Israel was officially declared and globally recognized as a Nation again for the first time in over 2,500 years! HalleluYah!!!

Even more amazing, the time period of their being exiled from their Holy Land by the Babylonians to the year in which Babylon destroyed Jerusalem was 19 years. The time period of Israel regaining their Homeland in 1948, and reclaiming Jerusalem as their Holy Capital in 1967, was 19 YEARS! Talk about God being ON TIME all of the time.

It was in June of 1967, when the Islamic armies surrounding Israel attacked the Jewish State from every border, looking to finish what Hitler started by attempting to wipe out the Jewish people and the Nation of Israel completely. Though greatly outnumbered by tens of thousands of troops, the minute number of Israeli forces NOT ONLY miraculously defended their Nation valiantly, but after only a 6-DAY War, they recaptured their ancient Biblical Capital of Jerusalem.

The Islamists had controlled the City ever since taking it from the Christians centuries earlier. Israel defeated nearly a half dozen Islamic Nations in less than ONE WEEK. They not only kept all of their Land, but REGAINED more of their God-given Homeland from which they had been exiled for thousands of years!

This Biblical Prophecy was not only beyond significant for the Jewish people and the Nation of Israel, but for Christians as well. As Lord Jesus prophesied that the rebirth of Israel would signify the generation that would see His RETURN to earth. In the Old Testament, God referred to Israel as His “Fig Tree”.

“Thus saith the LORD, the God of Israel; Like these good FIGS (Israelite Jews), so will I acknowledge them that are carried away captive of JUDAH, whom I have sent out of this place into the land of the Chaldeans for their good.” ~ Jeremiah 24:5

“I found ISRAEL like grapes in the wilderness; I saw their FATHERS as the firstripe in the FIG TREE at her first time…” ~ Hosea 9:10

“For a nation is come up upon MY LAND (of Israel), strong, and without number, whose teeth are the teeth of a lion, and he hath the cheek teeth of a great lion. He has laid My vine waste, and barked My FIG TREE: he hath made it clean bare, and cast it away; the branches thereof are made white.” ~ Joel 1:6-7

Jesus prophesied of the Fig Tree coming back to life when He was giving His disciples the SIGNS that would signify His Return ~

“Now learn a parable of the FIG TREE; When his branch is yet tender, and puts forth leaves, you KNOW that summer (His Return) is NEAR.” ~ Matthew 24:32 & Mark 13:28

So Lord Jesus was prophesying that His Return would not come until after God’s Chosen Nation of Israel was REBORN. 1948 began the generation that would live to SEE the Return of Jesus Christ! A generation Biblically is at least 70 years. So at the very least, 2018 could be the cutoff point of this Prophetical generation. With all of the other signs that have been fulfilled around us in recent years, and with this September beginning the Biblical Year of 5777 (777 is the Number of YaHWeH our God), our Lord could return to rapture us at any moment!

So, to all of you who doubt Biblical Prophecy, especially concerning Christ’s return, if God kept a 3,000 year old Prophecy TO A TEE when the nation of Israel was reborn, why would the Prophecies of His Son’s Return be any different?! God keeps His Promises, and He is never late. So chin up, look up and pack up, because we are going UP real soon! HAPPY RE-BIRTHDAY ISRAEL!


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“Thus says The LORD God: Surely I will take the children of ISRAEL from among the nations, WHEREVER they have gone, and will gather them from EVERY side and bring them BACK into their OWN LAND.” ~ Ezekiel 37:21

“The LORD does build up JERUSALEM: He gathers together the outcasts of ISRAEL.” ~ Psalm 147:2

“For The LORD will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet CHOOSE ISRAEL, and set them in THEIR OWN LAND: and the strangers (Gentile Christians) shall be joined WITH THEM, and they shall cleave to the House of Jacob.” ~ Isaiah 14:1

“Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall A NATION be born AT ONCE? for as soon as ZION (Israel) travailed, she BROUGHT FORTH her children.” ~ Isaiah 66:8


  1. Excellent writing, Michael, and such an awesome thing to see just how God’s timing is working out. It was good to read this again, taking more time in letting it all sink in!!!
    Thank you❤️🙏✝

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  2. Another thing, Michael, I had the opportunity of being in Israel as they observed their Memorial Day and their Independence Day in April 2013. We were with several in my family so we drove two cars from Tel Aviv area towards Masada, staying over night for those two nights at this wonderful Masada Guesthouse (Youth Hostel system) at the foot of Masada. On the way down to Masada we stopped for a couple of hours at this military museum which had lots of tanks and a memorial wall to fallen soldiers during different wars. What we enjoyed seeing is the building there which was also in the movie with Kirk Douglas , “Cast a Giant Shadow”. Have you ever watched that movie? Excellent, and we watched it again in Elad (near Tel Aviv) just before we did our drive to Masada to celebrate Independence Day!

    Another year I marched through one of the Old City’s gates (Damascus Gate) along with thousands of others as they celebrated Jerusalem Day, thanking God for Jerusalem being united again, getting back the Old City and being able to pray at the Kotel (Westetn Wall of the Holy Temple Mount) again. So maybe now I need to go back to Jerusalem in 2017, maybe go for Rosh HaShannah to hear the shofar being blown…😃
    We took two older teenage granddaughters to Israel last year (2015) in March for several weeks and again in December for a couple weeks with several younger preteen grandchildren, so maybe no travel to Israel during 2016 and go in 2017?

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