FAITH And The Final 5: Where They Stand On Biblical Issues


We are approaching one of the most pivotal Presidential Elections of our lifetimes this November, which will determine whether this Nation continues on the unGodly path of the Obama presidency or if the Country returns to God and it’s Judeo-Christian roots. That is why I have written many articles about this Election and the Candidates. I feel that Holy Bible-believing Christians and Jews need to know with all certainty where the candidates stand on the Biblical issues. Now that we are essentially down to only five choices as to who will become the next leader of the free world, I once again feel the need to examine the remaining candidates through a Biblical lense so that Christians and God-fearing Jews will not go into the voting booths uninformed or ignorant when they cast their ballots.

Obviously I do not support either of the Democrat candidates, for reasons you’ll read about in this article, but felt the need to vet every candidate so that Christians and Jews who aren’t well studied in the Word of God will not make costly mistakes. This article will lay out clearly where the final five stand on the issues that every Christian and Jew should care about. Though you may like a certain candidate at this point because of popularity or due to your anger with corrupt Washington D.C., I pray that after reading where they all stand that you will vote BIBLICALLY, not TRENDY. Because, no one man or woman can “make America great again”, only GOD can. Christians should not be looking for a saviour to be the next president, but rather a candidate who will lead America back to THE Saviour. Let’s begin with the Republican frontrunner ~



“Why do I have to repent or ask for forgiveness if I’m not making any mistakes?” A lot of Christians witnessed Trump say this in an interview on CNN last week, and yet, more Evangelical Christians voted for Trump than Ted Cruz in Nevada. First of all, I and many Bible believers were blown away by such an anti-Biblical statement, as the Holy Bible teaches that “NO ONE IS JUST, no not one” and that we “ALL SIN and fall short of God’s Glory”. That is why we BECOME Christians in the first place, because we recognize that we are sinners according to God’s Holy Word and we need His Forgiveness and Mercy through Christ Jesus. We are commanded to repent by Lord Jesus and our Father in Heaven. In the Book of 1st John, it is clear, that “if we say that we have not sinned, then we call God a LIAR.” Trump doesn’t think he needs to repent or ask for God’s forgiveness. I’ve never met one true Christian who could ever make such a statement. Secondly, what makes his statement worse, is that whenever Cruz or Rubio or someone else questions Trump’s unBiblical remarks, he responds “I read the Bible more than ANYONE.” This is obviously not true. To me, Trump is saying what he needs to, to the specific crowd that he needs to, in order to garner supporters and votes. While many believe that he is the “outsider” candidate, I believe he is the most calculated politician in the race.

For instance, while Trump tells a group of Christians that he opposes Gay Marriage strongly, when he speaks to an audience sympathetic to the LGBT movement he says the exact opposite. Gregory T. Angelo, president of the Log Cabin Republicans, an advocacy group FOR gay Republicans, has said of Trump, “He is one of the BEST, if not THE best, pro-gay Republican candidates to EVER run for the presidency.” He added that Trump would do no harm on same-sex marriage, and has a “stand-out position” on nondiscrimination legislation. When Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis, was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Trump didn’t stand with her like Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and other Holy Bible believing conservatives did. He instead said, “the Supreme Court has ruled and it is the law of the land. You have to go with it.” No mr. Trump, you DON’T have to “go with it” if it violates God’s Word and our Faith. A lesbian reporter asked, “When President Trump is in office can we look for more FORWARD motion on equality for gays and lesbians?” Trump responded, “Well, you CAN. We’re going to bring people together, and that’s your thing, and other people have their thing. We have to bring all people together.”

Then, we have Trump’s deeply concerning statements about ISRAEL. Trump said last week, and reaffirmed in the CNN GOP Debate, that he would be “NEUTRAL” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict if he became President and pledged to give the “Peace Plan” (which DIVIDES the Holy Land of Israel and gives some of the Jewish State’s Holiest Ancient Cities to the murderous Islamists of Palestine) “one hell of a shot.” Trump went on to say, “If I do win, there has to be a certain amount of surprise, UNPREDICTABILITY, our country has no unpredictability.” It’s fine to be unpredictable on certain things, but in an age old conflict involving our greatest Ally? NEVER. We must always be predictable to the entire world that we will FOREVER stand arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder with ISRAEL.

Yet the Donald went on still, saying, “I’d like to go in with a clean slate, and just say, ‘Let’s go, everybody’s EVEN, we (America) love EVERYBODY and let’s see if we can do something.’” He sounds more and more like Barack Hussein Obama every sentence that comes out of his mouth! It’s scary to hear these words come out of a so-called Republican’s mouth. At last night’s Debate, Trump doubled down when he was questioned about these statements, saying, “I think it serves no purpose to say that you have a good guy and a bad guy. It doesn’t do any good to start demeaning the neighbors (Palestinians), because I would love to do something with regard to negotiating peace, finally, for Israel and for their neighbors. And I can’t do that as a negotiator, I cannot do that if I’m taking big, big sides.”

Ted Cruz’s response was perfect – “Donald agrees with Hillary Clinton and on which I disagree with them both strongly. Both Donald and Hillary Clinton want to be neutral, to use Donald’s word, between Israel and the Palestinians. Let me be clear. If I’m president, America will stand unapologetically with the nation of Israel… Why has Donald supported anti-Israel politicians from Jimmy Carter to Hillary Clinton to John Kerry for four decades? If you care about Israel, you don’t write checks to politicians who are undermining Israel.”

As far as Trump’s stance on abortion, he’s been all over the map. While he says he’s opposed to abortion, he has vigorously defended the nation’s largest abortion peddler, Planned Parenthood. He has said that the abortion provider has done “many wonderful things” and that “millions of women are helped by Planned Parenthood.” When Hillary Clinton says that, it strengthens Christians’ opposition towards her, yet when Trump says it, Christians don’t seem to care. In my opinion, many Christians are blatantly ignoring alot of what Trump says and does because they are more concerned with winning the presidency or with making “America great again” financially, rather than standing on the Word of God and making America great again SPIRITUALLY. This is my call to all Christians to WAKE UP and to dump Trump!



Hillary made a very telling statement last year as to what her administration would look like for devout believers of the Word of God, as she told a Woman’s Forum, “Traditional Religious beliefs in this Country have to BE CHANGED.” She said this while speaking of Christians’ Biblical stance against Gay Marriage, Abortion and Islam. Clinton’s 2016 platform will allow partial birth abortion to protect the mother’s “health,” which includes “emotional” health. That means murder of a baby would be acceptable for MILD DEPRESSION in a mother. Clinton is also an outspoken supporter of Gay Marriage. She was the FIRST First Lady to ever march in a “gay pride parade”.

Hillary and Bill Clinton both admired and were great friends with the leader of the PLO (Palestinian Terror Group), Yasser Arafat, and his outspoken anti-semitic wife. The Clintons have taken billions of dollars from anti-Israel donors, such as Dubai, who is the leader in the movement to “boycott” Israel. Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family, who is also staunchly anti-Christian, donated $10,000,000 to the Clintons. Lebanese billionaire, Issam Fares, has tried to buy influence with the Clintons through donations to the tune of $1,000,000 and $5,000,000. Fares has connections to the Hezbollah terror group and has a strong hatred for Israel. Maybe that explains why, in 1998, Hillary became the first member of ANY presidential administration in history to call for a Palestinian State. Or why, as Secretary of State, she demanded a “freeze” in Israeli construction on their God-given Land in 2009, because she desired that Holy Land to be gifted to the terrorists in Palestine. She also has disrespected and verbally berated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanYahu on numerous occasions, just as much as the sitting anti-Israel president as done. In 2010, she made headlines for scolding and yelling at Netanyahu for nearly 45 minutes in a phone call.

In her Book, “Hard Choices”, Clinton accuses Israel of being an “occupier”, a term used often by Islamic TERRORISTS. Many Washington officials and insiders have said that using the term indicates Clinton’s bias against Israel. One official went on record to say, “Clinton knows she lost to Obama in 2008 because she was outflanked by the left. She won’t make that mistake twice, and she knows how much the left HATES Israel.” I think it’s crystal clear why I, and ALL Christians should oppose a Clinton presidency. She would be Barack Hussein Obama 2.0!



I appreciate Marco’s defense of our Greatest Ally, God’s Holy Nation Israel. He has said, “Israel deserves our support and respect. We must stand strong with Israel.” He said at last night’s Debate, “Trump is not taking sides. I’m taking sides. I’m with Israel.” I appreciate that.

When it comes to the issue of abortion, Rubio says he is “pro-life”, but also says that he understands fully that a woman’s right to an abortion is the law. So not as bold against the murderous practice as I believe he should be. On the issue of Gay Marriage, Marco has said he has NO PROBLEM attending a Gay Wedding. NO Christian, especially one who supposedly staunchly opposes Gay Marriage should be ATTENDING one! What a hypocrite. Worse, while Rubio sits in front of the television cameras and tells the world that “I believe marriage should be between one MAN and one WOMAN”, his biggest donor is billionaire Paul Singer, the most prominent Republican donor calling for the Party to EMBRACE Gay Marriage.


The National Organization for Marriage was one of the many Conservative groups shocked and bothered by Singer’s endorsement of Rubio. Their spokesman said, “It’s very troubling.. because of the fact that we’ve had a relationship with Marco and he’s not yet signed the PLEDGE,” referring to the group’s pledge that asks candidates to “support a federal constitutional amendment that protects marriage as the union of one man and one woman and to work to overturn the Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage.” For some odd reason, Rubio WON’T sign that pledge. What Christian Conservative WOULDN’T sign that pledge?! Has Singer bought Rubio off? Sounds like it to me. (For more info on the Rubio-Singer alliance, read my article “The TRUE Christian Conservative: Why I Support Ted Cruz Over Trump And Rubio”)



I don’t see how ANY Christian or Jew could “feel the Bern”. While Sanders is a Jew, he has stated that he is not a “religious Jew”, meaning he does not put the God of the Jews, YaHWeH, The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, above politics. It also explains his many instances of opposition to Israel, the Jewish Nation. He once said, “Israelis must end their policy of ‘targeted killings’, and prevent further Israeli ‘settlements’ on Palestinian land.” Number one, the targeted killings he speaks of are of Palestinian and Iranian TERRORISTS. Number two, the “settlements” which he, Obama and Hillary believe is Palestinian property, is in God’s Eyes and in Biblical actuality, Israel’s GOD-GIVEN Holy Land. Bernie was the first U.S. senator to declare that he would be BOYCOTTING Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress last year. Sanders has also indicated a desire for the U.S. to spend LESS on its military assistance package to Israel and MORE on issues helpful to the Palestinians and other Islamic nations in the Middle East.

On abortion, Bernie is 100% FOR IT. He says, “the decision about abortion is a decision for a woman and her doctor to make, not the government. I will not allow the right wing to deny women control over their own bodies by forcing clinics to close, extending waiting periods, or inventing other methods that create de facto abortion bans. Roe v. Wade is the law of the land and MUST REMAIN SO.” Sanders has repeatedly received ratings of 100% from NARAL Pro-Choice America, while receiving consistent 0% ratings by the National Right to Life Committee. He has been a staunch supporter of Gay Marriage, voting against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) passed by Congress in 1996. He recently said, “Back in 1996, that was a tough vote. Not too many people voted against it, but I DID.” That is one of the many reasons why Christians and God-fearing Jews should be voting AGAINST HIM.



I have personally endorsed Ted Cruz for the Presidency, and there are many reasons why. On the subject of abortion, Ted has said, once he is elected president, he will instruct his Attorney General to investigate Planned Parenthood on DAY ONE. I believe him, as in the Senate, he has led the fight to take away taxpayer dollars from Planned Parenthood. He is widely known for his staunch “pro-life” stance. On the subject of Gay Marriage, Ted has unapologetically never wavered in his stance that “Marriage is a sacrament between one man and one woman, it has strengthened societies for millennia, and we must uphold the truth of marriage.” Concerning Religious Liberty, and the secular, liberal, and government attacks on Christians throughout Obama’s presidency, Cruz has said, “On DAY ONE, a President Cruz will instruct the Department of Justice, the IRS, and every other federal agency that the persecution of Christians ends TODAY.”

I also believe that Ted Cruz is the most proven and authentic “pro-Israel” candidate. Ted has said, “Instead of a president who boycotts Prime Minister Netanyahu, imagine a president who stands unapologetically with Israel.” AMEN. I would love nothing more than to see that, and I believe Cruz would. A Cruz administration will on DAY ONE recognize Jerusalem as the Eternal undivided undivided CAPITAL of Israel and the US Embassy will be moved there. Cruz has said, once he is President, Israel will always have everything it needs to defend itself. He also has said, that his Administration would immediately reassess US policy towards the Palestinian Authority. NOT ONE PENNY of American tax dollars would go to an organization that incites hatred against Jews and seeks to partner with the terrorist group Hamas. He has also said that he would move to defund the UNITED NATIONS if it continues it’s anti-Israel bias and would withdraw federal funding from EVERY American university that boycotts Israel. AMEN and AMEN.

Cruz’s most fearless stand for Israel came at a Conference of Middle East Christian leaders, when he declared, “Christians have NO greater Ally than Israel,”. The arab crowd members began to BOO, and some shouted, “Stop it!”. In response, he expressed disappointment that anti-Semitism had “reared its ugly head” at the conference and said, “If you do NOT stand with ISRAEL and the Jews, then I will NOT stand with YOU”, as he abruptly walked off the stage. I do not see how any Christian or Jew could vote for any of the other four candidates over Ted Cruz. (For more information on why I endorsed Cruz, read my article “I Officially Endorse Ted Cruz For President Of The USA”)

In this most crucial Election, I pray that Christians and Jews vote Godly, and vote with their Faith and Biblical Values as the standard in choosing a Candidate. I can’t tell you who to vote for. You are free to choose whomever you will. I only pray that you will take the information which I have given you and use it to make an informed decision on whom you think will best return this Nation to the God of our fathers. Sadly, many so-called Christians voted for Barack Hussein Obama, not once, but TWICE, because they were ignorant, uninformed, or worse, they didn’t let their Faith determine their vote. You all have the information you need this time around. You only get one vote, and the direction and future of this Nation depends on it, so please vote with a BIBLICAL conscience.

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“BLESSED is the Nation whose God is THE LORD…” ~ Psalm 33:12

“.. You shall provide out of all the people ABLE men, such as FEAR GOD, men of TRUTH, hating covetousness; and place SUCH men over the people, to be RULERS of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.” ~ Exodus 18:21

“You shall set him king over you, whom The LORD your God shall choose: one from AMONG your brethren (Bible-believers) shall you set KING over you: you may NOT set a stranger (unbeliever, muslim, atheist, etc.) over you, which is NOT your brother.” ~ Deuteronomy 17:15

“When the righteous are IN AUTHORITY, the people REJOICE: but when the WICKED beareth rule, the people MOURN.” ~ Proverbs 29:2

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  1. We are in a war with Satan. He has sent the Anti-Christ to destroy us with his lies
    by tricking us into believing his is the new world Savior. He claims to be a Christian, but he has not provided any proof. His latest attack on the Pope and the Vatican should open our eyes to the truth. A vote for Trump is a vote for Satan.


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