Grading The Presidential Candidates: Who Should CHRISTIANS Vote For?


Now that the Republican field of 2016 Presidential Candidates is narrowing down, I decided to examine the words and actions of those which I believe have the best chance of becoming the Nominee. Because, in a day and age where the Media picks the winners and losers, and many Christian Conservatives are uninformed, I felt the need to carefully vet each Candidate in order to determine who Christians should and SHOULD NOT be giving their vote to. Obviously, I’m only vetting the Republican Candidates because I believe Hillary Clinton would be Obama 2.0 and along with the lesser known Democrats, would be just as harmful to Israel and to the Judeo-Christian fabric of our Nation. So, while my findings and grades will greatly differ from the current National Polls and popular opinion amongst Americans at this time, I grade each candidate from a Biblical worldview. I will grade them by how much they could help lead this Nation back to God and off of the current Godless path that this Nation is on. So, let’s begin with the current frontrunner, whom by now is a household name …



“I believe in God. I am Christian. I think The Bible is THE book,” Trump told CBN’s David Brody. This sounds wonderful to any Christian. I applaud this statement, BUT do the rest of Trump’s statements and beliefs match up to THE Book? Sadly, no. While I love his bold stance against political correctness, against radical Islam and against Barack Hussein Obama, I at the same time find other things he says and does troubling. For instance, this July, Trump stated that he “has never sought forgiveness from God.” You cannot be a Christian if you don’t seek God’s forgiveness. I don’t know if the Donald was just rambling and didn’t think about what he was saying, but this statement is very UN-Christian. He went on to say ~ “I think, if I do something wrong, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture.”

Can’t say that I could entrust my vote or support to Trump after these statements. Also, just this week, some “boos” were aimed at the Real Estate mogul during his Speech at Thursday’s Republican Jewish Coalition Candidate Forum, after he refused to say that JERUSALEM should remain the undivided and recognized Capital of Israel. As one of the staunchest pro-Israel advocates you’ll meet, this alone disqualifies Donald Trump as my choice for the next President.




I find Carson sides with me and many Christians on many of the issues of the day. Ben has said that “although President Obama claims America is not a Judeo-Christian nation, he is NOT the one who gets to decide that. WE the people get to decide that.” He also set off a liberal media firestorm when he RIGHTLY said that a Muslim should not be president of the United States, adding that “whoever takes the White House should be sworn in on a stack of Bibles, NOT a Quran”. AMEN TO THAT! He has also said that Evolution is “Satanic” and the Big Bang is “a Fairy Tale”. Another big AMEN.

Regarding Israel, he has said, “We must ALWAYS stand with Israel and her people.” When asked about dividing Jerusalem or Israeli Land to give it to the hostile Palestinians, Carson said “Create a Palestinian State IN EGYPT, to get Israel out of Hamas’ rocket fire range.” After all this, Carson would be my ideal Candidate to endorse for President, BUT just this week he made some statements that have taken me aback. When questioned about his Biblical beliefs, he said he “does NOT believe in the Rapture”. NOR does he believe that Hell is a “physical place of torment”. He instead believes that  unbelievers will be annihilated in the End rather than be sent to Hell.

To me, these beliefs do not align with mine, nor the Holy Bible in my opinion, but hopefully those are the only issues we will disagree on. These Doctrinal disagreements are not disagreements on the fundamentals of the Faith, so they do not disqualify Carson from my vote. Though, they definitely have me looking seriously at other Candidates.




Cruz and I agree on seemingly every issue. He is a strong defender of the Christian Faith, of Israel and the Jewish people, and of America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage. He is staunchly pro-life, anti-Obama, against Gay Marriage and Islam, and a leading voice for the persecuted Christians in Muslim nations.

Perhaps, his boldest, most fearless stand for Israel came at a Conference of Middle East Christian leaders, when he declared, “Christians have NO greater Ally than Israel,”. The arab crowd members began to BOO, and some shouted, “Stop it!”. In response, he expressed disappointment that anti-Semitism had “reared its ugly head” at the conference and said, “If you do NOT stand with ISRAEL and the Jews, then I will NOT stand with YOU”, as he abruptly left the stage. AMEN! He is my top choice for the Presidency at this time.




Jeb said before running for President, that the Republicans “must stop being the party of ‘anti’ everything,” meaning, against Gay Marriage, Abortion, Islam, etc.. While, in his own personal life and Catholic faith he says that he is against these things, he does not believe that Republicans should be so VOCAL about these issues. My biggest knock on Bush is his support for Obama’s progressive “Common Core” Education. For those of you unfamiliar, Common Core textbooks endorse the FIVE PILLARS OF ISLAM, but also do not teach the TEN COMMANDMENTS. The Social Studies textbooks provide indoctrinating narratives that devalue Israel, Judaism and Christianity in favor of ISLAM.

Concerning Gay Marriage, which Jeb says he “opposes”, his Campaign manager has urged the Republican Party to adopt a PRO-GAY agenda. This Chief Strategist signed a Supreme Court amicus brief arguing FOR Gay Marriage in California. The longtime adviser also once encouraged her minister to stick to his guns in preaching equality for same-sex couples. Another adviser, whom Bush had to distance himself from was James Baker, who advises him on “Foreign Policy”, after the former Secretary of State directed criticism at ISRAEL. So, while Jeb SAYS he is a Conservative Christian on the issues, he sure doesn’t show it by the people he is choosing to surround himself with.

Concerning Israel, let’s not forget that his brother George W., in 2005, backed the plan which called for Israel to hand the Gaza Strip over to the Palestinians (which is now the home of the HAMAS terrorists). Thousands of  Israeli citizens were forcibly evicted and removed from their homes in the failed “land for peace” gesture to the Palestinians. Would Jeb continue to push his brother and Obama’s plan to DIVIDE the Holy Land of Israel? I sure can’t give my vote to Jeb.




Marco Rubio is very strong in his support for Israel, and for taking on the radical Islamists. This is respectful and appreciated. He is opposed to abortion. When it comes to Gay Marriage though, he’s all over the map. Rubio says that he WOULD attend the wedding of a same-sex couple, even though he repeatedly says publicly that “he believes” marriage should only be between a man and a woman. This is very hypocritical.

Billionaire Paul Singer, the most prominent Republican donor calling for the party to embrace Gay Marriage, who provides financial support to Republican-elected officials who SUPPORT Gay Marriage, has officially announced that he is backing Rubio and funding his Campaign. So did Rubio make a deal with the devil? I don’t want to find out. This disqualifies Rubio from getting my vote.




Sadly, as a woman candidate would be a great challenge to the Clinton Campaign, Fiorina is the WORST CHOICE for a Christian Conservative. Recently, after Ben Carson said that a Muslim should not be president, Fiorina told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, “I think that’s wrong. I actually believe that people of faith make better leaders.”   During her undergraduate years at Stanford, she studied medieval history, reading philosophers, including ISLAMIC. Perhaps that explains a speech she gave in 2001 PRAISING Islam, and it’s civilization as one of the BEST the world has ever seen ~

“While modern Western civilization shares many of these traits, the civilization I’m talking about was the Islamic world from the year 800 to 1600, which included the Ottoman Empire and the courts of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, and ENLIGHTENED rulers like Suleiman the Magnificent (This man slaughtered many innocent Jews and Christians). Although we are often unaware of our indebtedness to THIS civilization, it’s gifts are very much a part of our heritage (NO, they are really NOT). The technology industry would not exist without the contributions of Arab mathematicians. Sufi poet-philosophers like Rumi challenged our notions of self and truth. Leaders like Suleiman contributed to our notions of tolerance and civic leadership” (Did he?! What a joke). Fiorina gets the WORST Grade. No Christian should give her their vote.




I cannot trust Rand Paul. He is another flip-flopper who is all over the map. Many of his father Ron’s liberal ideas have been apparently passed down. At times, Paul says some great things, and has some great ideas. For instance, he has called for defunding the Palestinian Authority and proposed to cut off foreign aid to countries that persecute Christians. Then, he goes and says things like this ~ “I would have NO problem supporting a MUSLIM for president, and Barack Obama ISN’T one.”

While, yes, he called for defunding the Palestinians, he has also advocated for ending aid to ISRAEL ~ “I think they’re an important Ally.. but I also think that their per capita income is greater than probably three-fourths of the rest of the world. Should we be giving free money or welfare to a wealthy nation? I don’t think so.. I’m all for gradualism. I would start a little more quickly with those who are enemies of Israel, and enemies of the US. I would like to see their aid end more quickly. With regards to Israel, it could be a GRADUAL phenomenon.”

On the flipside, he does support keeping Jerusalem as the undivided Capital of Israel, and has joined Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and others in calling to move America’s embassy there. Now this is something I applaud Paul for, YET, he still is a little too liberal for me on too many issues and will not get my vote.




If the Election were held today, Huckabee or Cruz would have my vote. These two are definitely the best choices for Holy Bible believing Christians and Jews. Mike is a former Baptist minister, so he knows his Bible WELL. Concerning all of the issues that Christian Conservative voters care about today, Huckabee has said ~

“I will NEVER apologize for my FAITH, my convictions or my values. PERIOD.”

“Life begins at conception. This isn’t just a Biblical view — it’s affirmed by modern science and every unique human DNA schedule, which is present at conception.”

“I may stand alone, but I am absolutely faithful to the issue of MARRIAGE. Not because it’s politically expedient, but because it’s the BIBLICAL position, the historical position and the RIGHT position. We must defend, protect and preserve TRADITIONAL marriage.”

“When the president lit up the White House the other night with rainbow colors (after Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling), I guess that’s his prerogative. If I become president, I just want to remind people, please don’t complain if I were to put a NATIVITY SCENE out on the White House lawn during Christmas and say, ‘If it’s my house, I get to do with it what I wish, despite what other people around the country may feel about it.’”

“Sadly, this Administration spends more time berating Israel for building houses in the Lands given to Abraham than telling the Iranians to stop building bombs pointed at us.”

“In a world of uncertainty, evil, and moral insanity, ISRAEL is a shining light of moral clarity. The enemies of ISRAEL are the enemies of AMERICA.”

“As President, I will: Stand with the Jewish people in our shared fight against radical Islam. Support a unified Jerusalem as the Eternal Capital of Israel. Confront and stop Iran. This Administration’s willingness to trust Iran and undermine Israel is unprecedented and wrong.”

Huckabee for President 2016? How could any Bible-believing Christian say anything else but “AMEN!”




Christie is a man that signed a bill into law that would put YOU in prison for sharing the GOSPEL with “Gay people”. He believes in the false religion of “Global Warming”. He supports Common Core and Obamacare. He supports  traditional marriage in WORD but not in deed, by not going to court to fight it in his state. He made his keynote Speech at Mitt Romney’s Nomination in 2012, ALL ABOUT HIM, and you’d think it was a Christie for President rally, rather than Romney’s nomination. Oh yeah, he’s also the one Republican who loves to give Obama HUGS. Chris Christie seems to be very self serving, and a liberal in Republican clothing. I don’t think I have to tell you not to vote for Chris Christie. If there were such thing as an F-, Christie would get it.


Those are the leading nine contenders for a Republican President. Yes, there are more out there running like Kasich, Pataki and Santorum, but I do not believe they have any chance whatsoever, so they have not been vetted. I hope this information will be helpful to my Christian, even Jewish friends, as to who you should support in this election, and I hope you’ll share this information with others as well. Barack Hussein Obama got elected because Christians and Jews in this Country were not informed, mostly misinformed, uneducated, and ignorant. So, I wanted to make sure that in this coming Election, Bible believers will be equipped with the knowledge needed to make the right decisions. Politicians will say or do anything to get elected, but hopefully through this article, you now know for certain where many of them truly stand. Also, if I offended any of you by painting your Candidate in a negative light, it is what it is, because I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. I’m not an Independent. I’M A CHRISTIAN. If you are too, then VOTE like one.

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“BLESSED is the Nation whose God is THE LORD…” ~ Psalm 33:12

“.. You shall provide out of all the people ABLE men, such as FEAR GOD, men of TRUTH, hating covetousness; and place SUCH men over the people, to be RULERS of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.” ~ Exodus 18:21

“You shall set him king over you, whom The LORD your God shall choose: one from AMONG your brethren (Bible-believers) shall you set KING over you: you may NOT set a stranger (unbeliever, muslim, atheist, etc.) over you, which is NOT your brother.” ~ Deuteronomy 17:15

“When the righteous are IN AUTHORITY, the people REJOICE: but when the WICKED beareth rule, the people MOURN.” ~ Proverbs 29:2


  1. Very much appreciated this! Nice to have another Christian put into words what I have read, heard, seen, and known, about the candidates! Really wish that Huckabee and our last Texan governor were still in the race!! With who Is left, you headed them as I would have…thank you for being honest!!!! And, for the Bible back-up verses!

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