True Christians Can NEVER Support Gay Marriage


Our Lord Jesus Christ takes pleasure in those that STRIVE to live Holy lives, and who diligently flee from and repent of the many sins in our lives for which He suffered and DIED. Yet, there are so many today, even in the Church, who are teaching that “being gay is OK”, and that there is no need for repentance or change because you’re “born that way” and Jesus understands. I beg to differ. Is being a child molester “ok” because you were born that way? How about being a rapist because you were born that way? A murderer? Someone who practices beastiality? One can certainly argue that any of these sinners could be “born that way”, if you’re going to accept it as an excuse for homosexuality. If one is born with same-sex attraction, then one could be born with attraction toward children or animals, or with an unquenchable violent rage toward others. Homosexuals are NOT born gay. The devil, through America’s Godless media, has influenced this generation to justify sinful behavior in so many ways, and the Holy Bible is being dubbed by many as an “outdated” Book that needs to be “revised”. Many today also say that God needs to “evolve” into the 21st Century, but God is the SAME yesterday, today and FOREVER. Sadly, some Christians today forget that vital Truth. They believe Satan’s lie, which says that if a majority of people believe GOD to be “wrong” on any issue, then He must CHANGE His Way of thinking to adapt to US, rather than us having to adapt to HIM.

This “we know better than God” attitude in modern Christianity is so blasphemous. If sin was SIN yesterday, it is STILL sin today. If God called something an abomination 3,000 years ago, then it is STILL an abomination today. Today’s society has transformed Jesus Christ into another “Ghandi” or “Buddha” figure, promoting that He was merely a “peaceful spiritual teacher”, Whose only command was to live “peacefully” in the world. Jesus most certainly is the PRINCE of Peace, but being “peaceful” in His Eyes doesn’t mean living unholy or cowardly. It doesn’t mean “not offending” someone. His Idea of Peace is NOT compromising the Faith, blaspheming God, ignoring God’s Commands, siding with Satan on issues, accepting sin, or endorsing and even promoting sinful behavior. Yet, this generation’s idea of “peaceful” living and “coexistence” entails all of the above. Jesus Himself frowns on ALL of these things.

Every time Lord Jesus forgave someone’s sins in the Holy Bible, He ALWAYS left them with the words, “Go, and sin NO MORE”. This is completely contrary to what is being preached by Gay Marriage advocates today, in which they think Jesus would say, “oh, you were born that way? Go, and sin some more!” 10 years ago, I lived as a drunkard, drug addict and fornicator, and His message to ME when I came to Him is the exact same that it is to ALL sinners, homosexuals included, “SIN NO MORE”. It is not “I died to save you from your sins, but some sins I don’t mind so much, so you can keep living in them”. How can so many backslidden Christians today justify particular sins and condemn others? This isn’t a “pick and choose” your flavor Faith, rather it is a “by the Book” Faith. God has laid out for all of time a particular list of sins and abominations, and He clearly tells us the things that displease Him, so that when we are reconciled to Him through Christ, we are to make an honest effort to play by His Rules and live more pleasing to Him. Too many today, in the Church especially, take His Grace for granted and view His Rules as outdated, and they think that God needs to get with the times. This is an eternally dangerous view to hold. Sadly, over 60% of Catholics, nearly 50% of Evangelicals, as well as MOST of the Presbyterians and Episcopalians harbor this attitude.

Jesus prophesied that, in the Last Days, Christians would BE HATED and persecuted for our Faith, and look no further than modern-day America as the fulfillment of His Prophecy. Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” was suspended by A&E and crucified by the mainstream media for simply reading a verse from the Holy Bible that mentions homosexuality as a “sin”. Jason and David Benham, the Benham Brothers, were likewise demonized by the left-wing media for similar comments about homosexuality, and their show on HGTV was cancelled before it had even aired. Of course, we all have heard of Kim Davis, the County Clerk in Kentucky, who was thrown into PRISON because she refused to violate her Christian beliefs by signing her name to Gay Marriage licenses. When Lord Jesus forewarned us that Society would HATE US in the Last Days, He meant that we would not be “popular” with the mainstream, or the government and powers that be. They would hate us for simply being CHRISTIANS. Eventually, the time would come when we would be IMPRISONED for our beliefs, and Kim Davis is living proof that those days of Christian persecution, which He prophesied, are HERE.

If we were living the watered down Christianity that the liberals today desire us to live, in which “sin is OK” and Jesus just wants us to “love one another”, then why would anyone hate us? We’d be the most loved group of people on God’s green earth! Yet we’re not, and we’re not supposed to be. Jesus was HATED, His disciples were HATED, and all those who live by God’s Word in a world that is HOSTILE toward Him are going to be HATED. There is no Biblical argument for a Christian to EVER ignore God’s Word to find favour with MEN. On the contrary, there are hundreds of verses that teach the exact OPPOSITE, to “please GOD rather than MAN”. The Holy Bible says, that whosoever is a “friend of the WORLD, is an ENEMY of God”. Thus, true Holy Bible believers today are unquestionably being treated as ENEMIES of the State in America and around the world. As TRUE Holy Bible believers, absolutely NO Christian can, with a Biblical conscience, support or endorse Gay Marriage. You just CANNOT do it.

No Government, Supreme Court, or body of men can ever OVERRULE God as to what is legal and ILLEGAL in His Mind. God declared “men laying with men, and women laying with women” an ABOMINATION thousands of years ago. It’s set in stone, and can never be changed. Obama, the SCOTUS and many Americans, even some Christians, think they know BETTER than God, and they are gonna find out some day just how utterly WRONG that they truly are. Now, to address those critics who say I’m picking on homosexuals, it is true that they do not sin any worse than liars, thieves, gossipers, drunks, fornicators, adulterers or idolaters, BUT when any Nation (especially a Judeo-Christian Nation) LEGALIZES SIN, I’m going to speak out loudly and strongly against that sin moreso than others. I’m especially going to oppose any nationally accepted acts or lifestyles which God has specifically called “ABOMINATION”.

People today conveniently forget that Sodom and Gomorrah’s sins were homosexuality and sodomy. THESE sins are what the U.S. Supreme Court has deemed LEGAL in this once God-fearing Nation. Just because this is the good ol’ USA,  do you honestly think for one minute that God will treat this Nation any different than all of the rebellious sinful nations of the past?  No matter how BIG, how RICH, how POWERFUL, how PROSPEROUS a nation is, when a nation departs from The LORD, then He in turn DEPARTS from that nation. He does not leave any nation, but nations choose to leave HIM. Mark my words, if America continues on this unGodly path, this Country WILL FALL. It is only a matter of time.

The mainstream voices in this Nation have become increasingly hostile to the HOLY BIBLE, especially after the Gay Marriage Debate and Supreme Court Ruling this year. If we Christians dare to believe GOD as to what’s right and wrong, and NOT the president or the liberal media, and if we refuse to evolve or conform to THEIR new normal, then we aren’t afforded the right to free speech or to believe as we choose. We are targeted and condemned as EXTREMISTS, right-wing nutjobs, and crazy people for actually believing in GOD and in what HE has to say about society. They demonize Christians for being closed-minded, and are quick to pounce on our words and beliefs, take them out of context, and brand us “haters” and “bigots”. They are FOR everything that God is AGAINST, and vice versa. Not only concerning Gay Marriage, but they promote Abortion, Islam, Drug Use, Secular Extremism, and they are also increasingly ANTI-Israel. So, in essence, they LOVE what God hates and HATE what God loves. Thus, we are dubbed “homophobic”, and “islamophobic”, but I think it’s about high time that we start calling THEM what they are… CHRISTIANOPHOBIC.

In closing, this is what it all boils down to, if YOU do not agree with Almighty God, Who is Perfect, All-Holy and Who is The FINAL WORD at all times on any and every subject, then take it up with HIM. Christians should NEVER manipulate or ignore the teachings of the Holy Bible in order to please the world or to suit their own sinful lifestyles. Now, before anyone uses the verse out of context to counter my article, yes it is true that “We ALL SIN and fall short of the Glory of God”, and that is why we ALL need Christ JESUS. The problem is, so many believe this verse to mean, “We ALL sin, so it’s all good. Do what you want. No judgies!” Hence, we are left with the collective attitude in this Country that ANYTHING GOES cause we “all sin”. This is a slap in The Face of our Saviour. We take for granted His Sacrifice when we allow ourselves or our society to live in sin with no genuine repentance. He shed that Precious, unblemished, most Holy, sinless Blood to PAY for our sins on the Cross, and to SAVE US from God’s Wrath. If you REJECT the doctrine of SIN, then you also REJECT Lord Jesus’ Atonement for your sins. If any sin is “OK”, then why do we need a Saviour? Wouldn’t His Death have been in vain? If you reject God’s Word, are embracing and endorsing Gay Marriage (which is ABOMINATION to God), then you had better be real careful because God may just REJECT YOU.

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“ALL the Nations that FORGET GOD shall be turned into HELL.” ~ Psalm 9:17

“They CHANGED the TRUTH of God into a LIE, and worshipped and served the creature MORE THAN The Creator, Who is blessed FOREVER. Amen. For THIS cause God gave THEM up unto VILE affections: for even their WOMEN did CHANGE the natural use into that which is AGAINST nature: And likewise also the MEN, leaving the. NATURAL use of the woman, burned in their LUST one toward another; MEN WITH MEN, working that which is UNSEEMLY, and receiving IN themselves that recompence of their ERROR {S.T.D., Aids, etc.}, which was fitting RETRIBUTION; And even as they did NOT LIKE to retain GOD in their knowledge, God gave them over to a REPROBATE mind, to do THOSE things which are NOT convenient.. Then there are those, Who knowing the JUDGMENT of God, that THEY which commit SUCH things are worthy of death, NOT ONLY do the same, but have PLEASURE in them that DO them.” ~ Romans 1:25-28,32

“You shalt NOT LAY with men, as (you lay) with women: it is ABOMINATION.” ~ Leviticus 18:22

“Know you NOT that the unrighteous shall NOT inherit the Kingdom of God? Be NOT DECEIVED: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor EFFEMINATE, nor abusers of themselves WITH MANKIND.” ~ 1st Corinthians 6:9

“They MOCKED the messengers OF GOD, and despised HIS Words, and misused HIS prophets, until the WRATH of The LORD arose against them, till there was NO REMEDY.” ~ 2nd CHRONICLES 36:16

“JESUS said, It is written, That man shall NOT LIVE BY bread alone, but BY EVERY Word of GOD.” ~ Luke 4:4

“JESUS said, BLESSED are they that HEAR the Word of God, and KEEP IT.” ~ Luke 11:28

“Let NO MAN DECEIVE YOU by any means: for that day (of The LORD) shall NOT come, EXCEPT there come a FALLING AWAY (from the Faith) FIRST, and that man of sin (ANTICHRIST) be revealed, the son of PERDITION.” ~ 2nd Thessalonians 2:3

“Now The Holy SPIRIT speaks expressly, that in the LAST DAYS some shall DEPART from the FAITH, giving heed to SEDUCING spirits, and doctrines of DEMONS.” ~ 1st Timothy 4:1-2

“THEY went out from US (Christians), but THEY were NOT OF US; for if they had been OF US, they would (no doubt) have CONTINUED with us: but (they went OUT), that they might be made MANIFEST that they were NOT ALL OF US.” ~ 1st John 2:19

“JESUS said, BLESSED are they which are PERSECUTED for Righteousness’ SAKE: for theirs is the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. Blessed are YOU, when men shall REVILE you, and PERSECUTE you, and shall say ALL manner of EVIL against you falsely, for MY SAKE. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for GREAT is your REWARD in Heaven: for so they persecuted the PROPHETS which were before you.” ~ Matthew 5:10-12

“JESUS said, Remember the word that I said unto you, The SERVANT is not greater than his LORD. If they have PERSECUTED ME, they will ALSO persecute YOU..” ~ John 15:20

“JESUS said.. Take HEED to yourselves: for THEY shall deliver YOU into.. PRISONS, for you shall be brought before RULERS and kings for MY SAKE, for a testimony AGAINST THEM.” ~ Mark 13:9/Luke 21:12

“FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH, lay hold on Eternal Life, whereunto you are also CALLED, and have professed a GOOD profession before MANY WITNESSES.” ~ 1st Timothy 6:12

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