SIN: The Word Nobody Wants To Hear, But SHOULD


There are many today, even Christians, who call the mention of the word “SIN” in our Society “judging”. They do not want to hear about what Almighty GOD has eternally declared is “right and wrong”. America, like so many nations of old, has assumed the collective attitude that God’s Rules are just too outdated and burdensome, and that HE needs to “evolve” to man’s way of thinking, as opposed to MAN making an honest effort to conform to HIS. While the Church is the last line of defence before a Society is overtaken by the unGodly, things have gotten so bad that even most of the Churches in this once God-fearing Nation won’t even preach on Sin. This is primarily because, Rick Warren, known as “America’s Pastor”, has influenced Christian leaders across the Nation to join his blasphemous “Purpose Driven Church” movement.

The sinner-friendly plan for Churches which Warren has laid out, in order to gain bigger audiences and appeal more to unbelievers, sets forth a list of “do’s and don’ts” for Pastors. Among some of the most troubling suggestions Warren laid out, were – DON’T MENTION “SIN” – Don’t say “saved” or “unsaved” but instead use the words “churched” and “unchurched” – Don’t mention “HELL” – Don’t give Altar calls to “accept Jesus as Saviour” – Remodel the Church to resemble venues like Night Clubs or Casinos to be more inviting to sinners – Allow coffee and snacks in pews with no dress code – Have live hip music, such as hard rock or rap to attract the youth. I’m sure every one of you have a Church doing ALL of these things in your local area as we speak. Though I disagree with all of the above, the one that hurts the Church the worst, is to not preach on SIN. Because if there is NO sin, where is the need for The SAVIOUR?! This growing attitude amidst Pastors, I firmly believe, is what will give rise to the prophesied “Last Days” One World Religion, which will encompass ALL Faiths under obedience to the AntiChrist.

Today’s Churches are for “feel good” entertainment, and not for Salvation. That is why our Society and Nation is laden with sin moreso than EVER before. The Christian leaders today, who have been given charge by God to “cry aloud and spare not to SHOW My people their SINS”, are doing the exact opposite. They are saying that SIN is “OK”, because we all do it, so why judge? This dangerous unBiblical outlook by so-called “pastors” will be responsible for putting MANY souls in Hell. The reality since the Garden of Eden has never changed, and it is that SIN KILLS. Saint Paul said clearly, that “the wages of sin is DEATH”, and for the disease of sin, there is but ONE REMEDY given unto mankind by YaHWeH God, and that is His SON, our Lord Jesus Christ. So if all of these “christians” are sitting in these “churches”, not being taught to repent of their sins, not being told about The Saviour of our sinful souls, and not being told He is our ONLY Way of entering God’s Holy Heaven, then their Church “memberships” are meaningless, and they are going to be unpleasantly surprised when they DON’T meet God at the end of the road.

If sin were not such a “big deal” to God, then why did He mention His hatred of it nearly 650 times in the Holy Bible? Why would He take the time to warn us time and time again to repent of it, to fight it and to flee from it? Why would He send His ONLY Begotten Son to DIE the most agonizing death in history to atone FOR IT? Obviously it IS a big deal. Yet, so many today want to ignore the facts, and please the sinners rather than Almighty God. It is not judgmental to call sin “SIN”. Yes it is true that we ALL sin and fall short of God’s Glory, as the Holy Bible states, but that is the reason we also ALL need a Saviour. The fact that we all sin does not change that crucial need, it reinforces it! When Jesus said “Do not judge”, He meant not to boast towards another human being about your supposed “holy living” by calling out their unholy deeds, because you too have sins that need to be repented of. He didn’t mean for us to ignore sin. It is up to Christians to teach what SIN is so that those committing the acts which displease God can turn from their wicked ways. I’m no saint. Nor are any of you. We should strive to be, and that striving means examining every aspect of our life and weeding out sin wherever it rears it’s ugly head. One day at a time. One battle at a time.

To all of the so called born-againers who misinterpret the meaning of God’s “GRACE” as an excuse to sin, let me remind you that Christ’s death was not meant to give you a “free pass” to sin. Rather, His Sacrifice was meant to cleanse you of all your abhorrent sins of the past, present and future so that you could begin to live truly “Born Again” as a new creation. To go on sinning WILLFULLY after accepting Jesus as Saviour, with NO desire to change your sinful ways is a slap in God’s Face. You take His Grace for granted. The Holy Bible says that “if we go on sinning willfully AFTER knowledge of Christ’s Sacrifice, then the Sacrifice NO LONGER APPLIES.” When we are truly saved the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, and the more you grow in God’s Word and through His Spirit, you begin to LOATHE every trace of sin in your life. We will never be perfect until we reach Heaven, but like Jesus said, we should strive to be until we leave this life. For He is and will be the ONLY One in human history that has ever lived a Perfect sinless Life.

Now understand, I can speak to all of this because I’m not some “holier than thou” preacher. I lived as the worst sinner on the block before I came to the Cross of Christ to be reconciled to God 10 years ago. And that’s why I can really identify with the Apostle Paul when he said “Christ Jesus came to save sinners, of whom I am CHIEF.” Sadly, so was I. I lived as a drunkard and drug addict who spent every night in strip clubs, bars and casinos which led to rampant sexual promiscuity. So, if anyone has the grounds to speak out against sin, it’s ME. I’ll forever be ashamed of and regret those wasted years of my life, but I’m thankful God gave me a second chance and that I can now be a powerful living testimony of God’s Grace, Forgiveness and Mercy toward even the WORST of sinners that come unto Him through Christ.

No one is ever too far gone in sin or too far away from The LORD that Jesus cannot bring you back if you do YOUR part and admit that you’re a sinner, repent, ask for Him to forgive you, and to be your Saviour. He’s waiting for EVERY human being to make that decision. After making that life-changing decision, we must live as if our old self is dead and buried at the Cross, and begin life anew with Him. You cannot come to Christ and continue in the same sins habitually. For He said to every sinner that He forgave in the pages of the Holy Bible, “You’re forgiven, now go, and sin NO MORE.” That means an honest effort on your part to make “no more” a reality. His Holy Spirit will help you make that possible. I’m living proof. Sure it doesn’t happen overnight and every Christian, especially new converts, will fall into sin. Yet, we must always respond with repentance and through prayer for greater strength and restraint for the next time temptation comes. Trust me when I tell you, over time and the more adament you are to live holy for God, it does get easier.

Now for all of you who scoff at this article, who are too entrenched in this Godless world’s ways, who think that you’re a “good person” and don’t sin that often, or deceive yourself to believe that you don’t sin at all: the Holy Bible says that you call God A LIAR by saying that you have NO sin and are not in need of His Salvation. You obviously aren’t familiar with what exactly SIN IS. Jesus Himself in the Book of Revelation listed the sins which will keep you OUT OF Heaven in 21:8 and 22:15, and below is the long list of what dubs you a sinner in God’s Eyes, mentioned all throughout His Holy Word. I guarantee after reading the list, you’re gonna find out that you’re not as “good” as you might think you are ~

The Fearful (those who do not accept Jesus Christ in order to escape being ridiculed)


The Abominable (those engaged in wicked practices which God’s Holy Word has deemed “abomination”, NAMELY homosexuals, crossdressers, owners of idols representing false gods, eating forbidden food, offering sacrifices unto FALSE gods, leading others into sinful acts, sodomy, dark magic, communication with spirits of the dead, worshipping false gods other than THE God of the Holy Bible, perverseness, pride, liars, shedding innocent blood, devising wicked plots, lovers of mischief, false witnesses, those who sow discord among family, wickedness, corruption, theft, unjust favoritism, justifiers of wickedness, condemners of righteousness, scorners, defiling places of worship to THE God of the Holy Bible, esteeming any thing of men OVER the things of our God, adultery, incest, oppression, violence against the just, whoredom (prostitution), necromancers, psychics,  diviners and witches)



Sorcerers (those who practice witchcraft, dark magic, demonism, the occult, drug users and specifically drug dealers)

Idolaters (worshippers of any one or thing other than The TRUE GOD of Heaven and earth Which is YaHWeH The Father, Lord JESUS His Son, and Their Holy SPIRIT)


False Teachers

The Unrighteous


The Wicked (those who disregard God’s code of morality)

The Covetous

The Malicious

The Envious

Debaters of God



Whisperers (Gossipers)

Backbiters (constantly finding fault with or being malicious toward others)

Haters of GOD

Despisers of God and His children

The Proud


Inventors of EVIL things

Disobedient children

Those without understanding (rejectors of God’s Word of Truth)

Covenant breakers

The Implacable (stubborn believers who will not yield to the convicting power of the Holy Spirit)

The Unmerciful

The Effeminate (younger people drawn to becoming Homosexuals or Sodomites)

Abusers of themselves with mankind (homosexual prostitutes)





EVERY ONE of us have committed, are committing, or will commit at least one, but most likely MANY of the sins listed above. There is HOPE. As Saint Paul said, “Such WERE some of you, but you are WASHED, but you are SANCTIFIED, but you are justified IN THE NAME of The Lord JESUS, and by The Spirit of our GOD”. Like my favorite teacher, Dr. Jack Van Impe, has put it so plainly, it does not matter how much you’ve sinned, how awful, hideous or heinous the sin has been in your own sight, Christ Jesus died to cleanse you of ALL SIN. When you are cleansed in His Precious, sinless, unblemished Blood in the Sight of our Father in Heaven, God says He will “remember our sins and iniquities NO MORE”, and He will not only forgive but FORGET that you have ever committed them! I myself repent on a daily and nightly basis, even if I can’t remember any sins I committed that day, for the simple fact that I KNOW somewhere along the way I sinned. For we ALL do EVERY day. Whether you recognize sins throughout the day or not, God always does, and it’s better to be safe than sorry, and get cleansed in the Blood of Yeshua DAILY. Then you can begin each new day with a fresh start and try to live better than the day before, knowing your sins of yesterday are BLOTTED OUT from God’s Memory forever, thanks to Christ Jesus. HalleluYah for The Lamb of God!

Now, sin in itself, is not America’s problem today. For this disease has been around from the Beginning due to the fallen nature of man, and will be around until the end. The problem in the USA is not just the ACCEPTANCE of sin today, but worse the PROMOTION of it. This year we have witnessed Gay Marriage, an abomination to God, being LEGALIZED. We have seen Sorcery (drug use) being LEGALIZED. We have watched as God and our Lord Jesus have been forced OUT OF the public square, in Schools especially, while Islam, foreign religions and FALSE gods have been pushed IN. Drunkedness is an accepted lifestyle nowadays, amongst even Christians. We have endured the abomination of 50 MILLION babies being murdered through abortion in less than 50 years. We see the Television and Film Media promoting filth and perversion to America’s youth every minute of every day. Meanwhile, as I eluded to at the beginning of this article, the Christian Church is doing NOTHING to stop the onslaught of sin, but instead are AIDING the pollution of sin upon our culture.

The crux of this article is that the majority of believers in this Nation are SILENT on condemning the outbreak of sin, and so many of us aren’t living the Holy lives which we have been called to live in order that we may set an example for the rest of society. If we Christians are living in sin, accepting it, approving of it, not taking it seriously, and not speaking up loudly against it, then why should we think for one second that this Society will ever change for the better? How can we expect OTHER Americans to be convicted of their unGodly living if Christians are JOINING in their sinfulness?! We truly need a Holy Spirit-filled Revival in this Country, but it will never come while over 3/4 of this Nation (which is supposedly Christian) is tolerating all of the abominations I mentioned above on a daily basis, and not only in America, but in their OWN LIVES.

The great preacher D.L. Moody once said, “Sin will keep you from the Bible, and the Bible will keep you FROM SIN.” So Christians, if you’re not happy with the way this Society is headed, then we need to seriously get into our Holy Bibles, we need to encourage other Christians to do the same, and we need to flee from sin more than ever before. As the majority in this Nation, we Christians need to set the example, because, if we as believers aren’t living consistent Holy lives, then WHY should we expect everyone else to?! Sounding the alarm on sin, putting a stop to it, and reinstilling a reverent Fear of God in this society must be the aim of all Christians, and we must start TODAY.

(Credit to Dr. Jack Van Impe and his Prophecy Bible for the list of Sins)

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“And Mary shall bring forth A SON, and you shall call His Name JESUS: for he shall SAVE His people from their SINS.” ~ Matthew 1:21

“And Moses said unto the people, Fear not: for God is come to PROVE you, and that His FEAR may be before your faces, that you SIN NOT.” ~ Exodus 20:20

“.. The Blood of Jesus Christ God’s Son cleanses us from ALL SIN. If we say that we have NO sin, we deceive ourselves, and the Truth is NOT in us. If we CONFESS our sins, He is faithful and just to FORGIVE US our sins, and to cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness. If WE say that we have NOT SINNED, we make God A LIAR, and His Word is NOT IN US.” ~ 1st John 1:7-10

“Then when lust has conceived, it brings forth SIN: and sin, when it is finished, brings forth DEATH.” ~ James 1:15

“.. Christ JESUS loved us, and WASHED us from our SINS in His Own BLOOD.” ~ Revelation 1:5

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that Day (of Christ’s Return) shall not come, except there come a falling away (from the Faith) first, and that MAN OF SIN (AntiChrist) be revealed, the son of perdition.” ~ 2nd Thessalonians 2:3

******* Below are more verses about SIN and about Salvation through Jesus Christ’s Blood Alone *******

Leviticus 17:11/Hebrews 9:22/Acts 20:28/Ephesians 1:7/1st Peter 1:19

2nd Chronicles 7:14

Job 13:23

Psalm 14:2-3

Isaiah 53:5, 58:1, 59:2

Jeremiah 5:25

Ezekiel 18:21

Matthew 7:23, 26:28

Mark 4:12

Luke 11:4, 24:47

John 3:16 & 36, 8:24

Acts 5:31

Romans 1:26-32, 3:23

1st Corinthians 6:9-10

2nd Corinthians 5:17, 13:5

Galatians 1:4, 5:19-21

Ephesians 5:5

2nd Timothy 2:19

Hebrews 10:12,17,26

1st Peter 2:22/2nd Corinthians 5:21/ Hebrews 7:26

1st John 3:9

Revelation 18:4-5

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