Replacement Theology: The Demonic LIE Infiltrating Christianity


Replacement Theology is one of the most DAMNABLE unBiblical teachings propagated throughout Christianity today. This demonic doctrine, which is being taught in many Churches globally and across denomination lines, CORRUPTS the Holy Bible as anti-Semites claim that God is FINISHED with His Chosen people, the Jews, and ISRAEL imparticular. They teach that “the Church” is the NEW Chosen people. But this goes completely against what the Holy Bible teaches. These wolves in sheeps’ clothing REPLACE every mention of “Israel” in the Holy Bible with “the Church” over 2,600 times, and the word “Jerusalem” is replaced with “Heaven” over 900 times! 3,500 ALTERINGS of God’s Word, in order to suit their demented, hateful, racist, and anti-Biblical worldview. They have attempted to turn Christians against The LORD’s precious Jewish people, but God Himself NEVER MADE the “replacements” that they claim!

Saint Paul must have been given foreknowledge of the coming hatred of Jews and Israel after his time, and that is why he devoted an entire Chapter in the Book of Romans dealing specifically with the issue of whether or not God had “cast off” Israel as His Chosen people. Paul says to all the Replacement Theologist Christians throughout history: “I say then, Has God cast away HIS people? God FORBID. For I also am an ISRAELITE, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. God has NOT cast away His people (ISRAEL) which He foreknew.” ~ Romans 11:1-2

Paul then issues a dire WARNING later in the Chapter about Gentile Christians becoming high-minded or believing they were better than the Jews, or that they had taken the place of God’s Chosen people. He explained that we Christians are GRAFTED INTO God’s “Chosen Family” Tree as believers in Christ, but did not by any means REPLACE the Jews. He went on to say that if we ever begin to BOAST against Israel, implying that God was DONE with the nation, and declare that the “Christian Church” is the NEW Israel, then God would, just as quickly as He grafted us in, cut us OUT OF the Tree.

It’s baffles my mind that a lot of these Replacement Theologists today preach completely out of Paul’s writings and the Gospels because they deem the Old Testament useless since it was completely centered around Israel, yet these men somehow manage to overlook Romans 11. An ENTIRE Chapter devoted to warning them to NOT do exactly what they are doing. To NOT preach exactly what they are preaching to their flock. Somehow, they just manage to MISS IT. Any man who alters the Word of God to fit his own twisted ideology is NO Christian or man of God, and our Lord Jesus warned of severe and eternal PUNISHMENT for manipulating, monkeying with or TAKING AWAY from The Word of God.

The Biblical Truth is that our Lord Jesus Christ LOVES His Father YaHWeH’s Chosen Nation, His brethren, ISRAEL. He wills that ALL His Jewish brothers and sisters would come to believe He is indeed their sent and promised Messiah Yeshua. His Very NAME in Hebrew translates to “Salvation of YaHWeH”. He has clearly promised, throughout the pages of the Holy Bible, to save ALL Israel and to defend them against their many global enemies in the Final Battle known as Armageddon. The Jews did NOT “kill Jesus” as anti-semites love to teach. A handful of corrupt, so-called “holy” Jews of His Day, of the Scribes and Pharisees, as well as Judas Iscariot and the Romans were behind the torture and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. NOT every Jew who ever lived, as it has been propagated by Nazis, early Catholic Church “thinkers”, Islamists or Liberation Theologists.

The fact is, if Jesus Christ were living in OUR day and age, it would be Muslims and Nazis who would KILL Him. So, why then do Christians befriend Anti-Semites and Muslims, but speak ill of the Jews? Jesus WAS a Jew, ALL of His 12 Disciples were Jews, as well as over 99% of His first followers. EVERY Book of our Holy Bible, including Christianity’s New Testament, except for only 2 out of nearly 70 books, were ALL written by JEWS. Only the Books of Luke and Acts were written by a non-Jew.

So then, where and how did this lie of Replacement Theology begin, and how is it still being believed today by many ignorant Christians? Well, the Holy Bible is crystal clear where hatred and jealousy of Israel and the Jewish people STEM from.. SATAN (1st Chronicles 21:1). The devil has NEVER stopped hating God’s Chosen people and Nation, whom God so LOVED, so to this very day, ol’ Lucifer continues to inspire hostility toward the Jews and Israel. He DECEPTIVELY uses “unconverted convert” Christian leaders in positions of influence to lead uneducated believers astray by preaching blood libels or conspiracies about “Zionists”.

A Zionist, for those of you who don’t know, is someone who believes God’s promises in the Holy Bible to return the Jews to their God-given Holy Land of Israel. That makes ME a Zionist. I would hope that all of you reading this are Zionists. Yet, the devil has tried to make “Zionist” a bad word. It is not. Do not buy into the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories! Long before the world’s most recognized anti-Semite, Adolf Hitler, and his Nazi regime came along, there have been many others throughout history who have desired to “wipe out” the Jewish people and turn society against them. Sadly, a great number of early Church leaders, from popular Catholic leaders to Martin Luther held an unhealthy disdain for the Jews. But the one leader in history who is most responsible for the rise of Replacement Theology, was the Roman Emperor, Hadrian, who began to rule over the Jews in 118 AD.

Hadrian decreed that JUDEA, known Biblically as Judah, the homeland of the Jewish people for thousands of years in Israel, would be from his time forth RENAMED “Palestine” after the Philistines, the ancient ENEMY of Israel. He removed the most Jewish of Jewish Biblical Cities, Judea and Jerusalem, from every Map in the region. Hadrian singlehandedly tried to REWRITE history, but thank God we have God’s reliable and Eternal Word to show us the TRUTH. Hadrian’s renaming Judea gave birth to the muslims today referring to themselves as “Palestinians”, in order to try to make the world believe that Israel is “occupying” land that is not theirs. This belief is proved utterly FALSE by the Holy Bible, in which God, NOT Hadrian, decreed about 4,000 years ago the EXACT borders of the Land of Israel; The Holy Land which God gave to the Jewish people as, quote, an “EVERLASTING Possession.”

Judea and Jerusalem ESPECIALLY were gifted to Israel by Almighty God, and is where the Biblical Kings David, Solomon and their sons all ruled and reigned from. NOT ONE IOTA of the Biblical Holy Land belongs to Palestine today. In reality, and according to God’s Word, the Palestinians, Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians and Lebanon are ALL “occupying” parcels of Land that God specifically gave to ISRAEL. Hadrian had capped off his assault on the Jewish people and their Biblical Heritage by building a PAGAN temple on the exact site of the Jewish Holy Temple which the Romans destroyed in 70 AD..

Brothers and sisters, please stay in your Holy Bibles so that you will not be DECEIVED by the false teaching of Replacement Theology! It is NOT of God. If your Church or denomination is teaching anti-Semitic or anti-Israel doctrines (which are one in the same), then RUN and don’t look back. If you continue on along with your so-called “Church” in their ERROR, you’ll be in TROUBLE with God. Study God’s Holy Word yourself that you can quickly recognize falsehoods when you hear or see them, and do not trust every word that comes out of some “holy” man’s mouth. If what your pastor, priest or even pope is preaching does NOT agree completely with what the Holy Bible says, FORGET IT!

Please share this informative article with all of your friends, family AND Church, and look into the anti-semitic beliefs of some of the early Church leaders. You’ll be as disgusted and shocked as I was. In closing, may God FOREVER bless Israel and His precious Jewish people with SALVATION through Yeshua Meshiach, Who Is JESUS CHRIST our Lord, and THEIR Lord. In His Holy Name I forever hope and pray, AMEN.


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“For I, JESUS, testify unto EVERY man that hears the words of the prophecy of THIS Book (Holy Bible), If ANY man shall ADD unto these things, God shall ADD unto him the PLAGUES that are written in THIS Book: And if ANY man shall TAKE AWAY from the words of the Book of THIS prophecy, God shall TAKE AWAY his part OUT OF the Book of Life, and OUT OF the Holy City, and FROM the things which are written in THIS BOOK.” ~ Revelation 22:18-19

“Thus saith The LORD, You shall NOT ADD unto the word which I COMMAND you, neither shall you TAKE AWAY from it, that you may KEEP the Commandments of The LORD your God which I COMMAND you.” ~ Deuteronomy 4:27

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