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It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again (with the exception of the cold weather), and this year I have a special gift for all who follow this website. On Christmas Day, as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour and Lord – JESUS – I’m letting everyone read my book for FREE!

Starting at 3:00 am EST on Christmas morning, for 24 hours, you can download your own Kindle copy of “The Signs of Our Times” as my gift to you. I also cut the price of the Paperback in half so that everyone is able to grab a copy. On Christmas Day, head on over to the link below –


To anyone who doesn’t read ebooks or who doesn’t know how to work a Kindle reader, I still wanted to make sure that you had a gift from me this year. So enjoy Chapter 7 of my book, in its entirety, right here


Signs in the Heavens

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come.” ~ ACTS 2:20 & JOEL 2:31

This generation has seen, quite possibly, more signs in the heavens than any other generation since Jesus Christ ascended into Heaven nearly 2,000 years ago. It is undeniable that the LORD has certainly been trying to get the world’s attention. Between the years 2014-2018, we had observed an abundance of extremely rare and historic occurrences in the Sun, Moon, and our skies in general. It is my hope that, after reading this compelling chapter, you will find it very difficult to not be enthusiastic about the coming Rapture of the faithful.

During the years 2014-2015, we witnessed the very rare occurrence of a “Blood Moon Tetrad.” Four Blood Moons rose directly on Biblical Holy Days. Try to chalk that up to “coincidence.” Two years in a row, we witnessed 2 of them rise on the Feast of the Passover; while the other 2 occurred during the Feast of Tabernacles.

If 2 Blood Moons transpired during God’s Holy Days in just one year, that would be intriguing enough in itself. The fact that this happened two years in a row is highly unprecedented, and is beyond fascinating. That’s not all though! 2 of the 4 Blood Moons occurred in the Biblical “Shemitah Year.” The Shemitah Year only occurs once every 7 years. Moreover, that particular Shemitah was known as a “Super Shemitah”; meaning that it was the 7th Shemitah in a cycle of seven!

How can even the most hardened of Bible skeptics write off, as coincidence, the Blood Moons rising – not only on Biblical Feast Days, but during the all-important 7th Shemitah in a set of 7? The Biblical Year which immediately followed the Super Shemitah was known as the “Jubilee Year.” The Jubilee only comes around once every 50 years! We saw the final Blood Moon of the Tetrad rise in the Jubilee Year of 2015.

All of this is so extremely important, concerning the return of Jesus Christ, because it has all taken place in the generation which witnessed the rebirth of Israel. As I explained in the “Fig Tree” chapter, none of the “Last Days” signs given in the Holy Bible could mean anything until the Biblical Nation of Israel was reestablished. So while there have always been Blood Moons, Eclipses, and other signs in the heavens throughout history, they had nothing to do with “Last Days” Biblical Prophecy. The ones occurring in our generation have everything to do with it.

Now, if I ended this chapter here, I believe that this should all be enough to strengthen the Faith of even the most backslidden of believers today; but I’m far from done. In 2016, again on the Biblical Feast of Tabernacles, God ushered in His Holy Week with a sign in the heavens. A Supermoon rose. This celestial event occurs when the Moon makes its closest approach to earth. The Supermoon of 2016 came to its second nearest position to planet earth since 1948 (222,365 miles), behind only the Supermoon which would fall just a month later.

A night earlier, on the eve of the Biblical Feast, a “Super Blood Moon” also rose! Now, do you remember the significance of 1948? Keep the year in mind as we go further, as it is beyond important prophetically. The second Supermoon, of 2016, was the closest that the Moon has been to Earth in this century. It will not be that close again until the fall of 2034, and the closest Full Moon of the entire 21st century will not rise until the winter of 2052!

The year in which we witnessed the two historic Supermoons, while being 2016 on our Gregorian calendar, was the year 5777 on the Biblical Hebrew calendar. In the “Fig Tree” chapter, I explained why “777” is the number of Almighty God, YHWH, the God of Israel. Speaking of Israel, the reason why I told you to remember the year 1948 was because it was the year that the Nation of Israel was officially reborn!

So, the 5777 Supermoon was the largest and brightest that it has ever been since the fulfilled prophecy of the Jewish State’s rebirth. If you are not saying “wow” yet, then you are simply not paying attention. I also mentioned, in chapter 4, that God “appointed the Moon for seasons.” Given all of the recent signs in the Moon, I believe that we are truly living in “the season” of something historic prophetically.

Could it really be the Rapture? Maybe a Biblical War? A historic disaster? Global government? All I know, for sure, is that the LORD is using the Moon to alert us that something is coming. And as I’ve previously said, I wholeheartedly believe that the “something” is a “Someone.” In Luke, Chapter 21 and verse 25, Lord Jesus prophesied to His disciples that “There shall be signs in the Sun, and in the Moon, and in the stars.”

He added in verse 27, “Then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with Power and great Glory.” Notice that Jesus also mentioned the Sun. Most “Last Days” Biblical prophecies about the Sun say that it “will be darkened.” This, I believe, signifies a Total Solar Eclipse. Now, of course, there have been thousands of Eclipses of the Sun throughout history; and because of this, people tend to ignore the prophetic significance of Solar Eclipses.

They are wrong to do so. As I have previously explained, none of the Biblical signs could mean anything until 1948. That began the time frame to start paying closer attention to the Moon and Sun. Just last year (2017), America experienced its first coast-to-coast Total Solar Eclipse in 99 years. Obviously, that is extremely significant; as it would be the first that our nation has seen since the Jews had reclaimed their ancient Holy Land.

It was also the first Total Eclipse of the Sun since 1979. I wasn’t even born yet! So it has definitely been awhile. To say it was a rare occurrence of the Sun would be an understatement. On August 21st of 2017, in the middle of the day, skies were darkened from one American coast to the other. The Moon passed between the Sun and Earth, blocking the face of the Sun and leaving only its corona visible in the sky. All of North America had experienced at least a partial Eclipse.

The difference between a full and partial Eclipse is literally the difference between night and day. During a Total Eclipse, the temperature drops and the horizon is ringed by the colors of sunset. The sky becomes a twilight blue, and bright stars and planets become visible in the middle of the day. The Total Eclipse moved over a dozen States, and occurred at the end of the Biblical month of Av – just before the start of the month Elul, which is known as the “month of repentance.” More importantly, it occurred in the all too significant year of 5777.

What I found thought-provoking was that it appeared the path of the Eclipse had drawn a line directly through the heartland of America. This is noteworthy, because President Donald Trump was, at that time, continuing the previous administration’s quest to make a “Peace Deal” between Israel and the Palestinians. Any deal between the two parties would unquestionably divide the Holy Land of Israel (the Heartland of God).

I’ve mentioned, in the previous Israel chapters of this book, that the division of Israel’s God-given Land is what causes the LORD to pour out His Wrath upon the nations (Joel 3:2). If America has any role in the division of God’s Land, then be sure that God will divide America. So, it was no surprise to me – as President Trump was pushing hard for Israel to give up “Land-for-peace” to Palestine – that God used the rare Eclipse to literally draw a line through the heart of America.

To me, that symbolized a Divine warning that the LORD would indeed divide America if our leaders continue attempting to divide Israel. I also believe it to be no coincidence that the heavenly warning to America came during the 50th-Year Anniversary of Israel reunifying their Holy Capital of Jerusalem. In every “Land-for-Peace” Deal that American Presidents have drawn up for Israel and Palestine, thus far, Jerusalem has always been on the table. This infuriates God.

I was fascinated when I found that the Eclipse had more than a few connections to the Holy City. I discovered that the first major American city to witness the Total Eclipse was the Capital of Oregon, which is “SALEM.” For those of you who are unaware, Salem is the original Biblical Name for Jerusalem. God’s beloved City was first known as Salem in the days of Melchizedek, and was first referred to in Genesis, Chapter 14.

In another instance that was hardly coincidence, there were 14 States which were in the totality line of the Eclipse. Genesis 14 and 14 States. Pretty dang awesome if you ask me! Believe it or not, there are even more connections to Jerusalem. Of the 14 States which could view the Eclipse in its totality, 13 of them included cities of Salem. Google it for yourself, so you can see that I’m not just cooking this stuff up in my head.

The thirteen States were Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The only State that did not have a city named Salem was Wyoming. Though, there is a city in Wyoming named “Homa Hills”; and there is a Hill in Israel named “Har Homa.” Har Homa just so happens to be located in.. wait for it.. Jerusalem.

Also, 7 years from the 2017 Eclipse, another Total Solar Eclipse will pass over the United States of America (in 2024). The April ‘24 Eclipse will cross directly over the line of the previous Eclipse’s path, forming an X. When two Eclipse paths cross, there can be only one singular point on the earth where both centerlines meet. So, literally, X marks the spot. The centerlines of the two Eclipses will meet near the eastern shore of Cedar Lake, in Illinois.

If you were to zoom in on the map, as I had, then you will get goosebumps. Believe it or not, the closest road to the exact point where the two Eclipses intersect is.. SALEM Road. What are the odds?! It is also important to point out that two Total Eclipses occurring exactly 7 years apart is extremely rare. A Total Solar Eclipse can only be seen from the same place on earth about once every 375 years.

I truly believe that God was sending a message to America’s leadership through the Eclipse, saying “Hands off My Holy Land.” Sadly, the Trump administration ignored the warning, and continued to force Israel back to the negotiating table with the Palestinians. The month following the Eclipse, the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, flew to Israel to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders to discuss a Peace Deal.

As he did, one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever strike the United States, “Harvey,” devastated the nation’s Southeast. I’ll talk much more about this, and how Hurricanes “Irma” and “Maria” were also associated with Trump’s Mideast Peace push, in the coming chapter. Finally, in January of 2018 – for the first time since March of 1866 – an extraordinarily rare “Blue Super Blood Moon” appeared in the heavens.

The trifecta event combined a Blue Moon, a Supermoon, and a Blood Moon (Total Lunar Eclipse) all-in-one. Though the saying “once in a Blue Moon” would imply that its rare, the Blue Moon is actually pretty common. What is extremely uncommon is when it is combined with a Blood Moon and a Supermoon. To put it into perspective, the last time that these three celestial events of the Moon occurred in conjunction with one another was nearly two centuries ago.

Besides all of the rare occurrences in the heavenly bodies, there has been another sign taking place in our skies above. Trumpet-like sounds, and loud mysterious booms, have been emanating from the heavens for much of the past decade. These unexplained noises have been heard all across the world. The sounds purportedly began in 2008, but became more widespread in 2011. The noises have baffled meteorologists, geologists, NASA, local authorities and governments.

The trumpet sounds have become a global phenomenon. I’ve watched videos chronicling many of them, from around the globe, and they all sound exactly like a shofar being blown. For those who aren’t aware, a shofar is a ram’s horn which was used by ancient Israel to call assemblies, prepare for battle, and to signal a Holy Day or Feast beginning. The shofar is referred to as a trumpet in the Holy Bible. The trumpet sounds coming from our skies should be an obvious “Last Days” sign to Holy Bible believers everywhere.

There are so many verses in God’s Word that declare the sounding of heavenly trumpets as a precursor to the Rapture, and the Great Tribulation. Trumpets are mentioned all throughout the Book of Revelation. The fact that they are mysteriously being heard from the heavens, across the globe, should have us believers shaping up – looking up – and packing up, because I truly believe that we will be going up real soon!

“He shall send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.” ~ MATTHEW 24:31

I hope you all enjoy the gifts, because I truly appreciate your interest in this website and continued support of all my work. I also have big news to announce this Christmas Season. In early 2019, about the time of the release of my second book, I will be releasing the AUDIOBOOK of “THE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES”!

2019 should be another exciting year for this website and anyone who follows my work. Stay tuned in to Biblical Signs’ social media accounts for updates on my projects. But 2018 isn’t over yet, so get ready to enjoy my 4th Annual CHRISTMAS SPECIAL with the Benham Brothers on Christmas Eve!

God bless you all this Christmas and in 2019, and never forget the Reason for the Season! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS.


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