IF I WAS PRESIDENT: What I Believe A God-Fearing America Should Look Like


Over the past year I have written a whole lot about politics in this nation. Some good, but mostly bad. I’ve been so disappointed with the lack of strong Biblical leadership by politicians in this country. Besides Ted Cruz and less than a handful of others, most of the politicians today love to quote the Holy Bible while campaigning yet seem to forget it altogether when assuming office. It’s just a shame and disgrace. Everyone who reads my articles knows that I’ve been an “equal opportunity” politician critic, because the Republicans are looking more and more like the Democrats every day. Not only do we need a revival in the Church and in America, but we so desperately need a Holy Spirit revival in Washington.

The Dems have always been Biblically-hostile, but now the “Religious Right” Republicans appear to have become Biblically-illiterate. Now, because of my strong stance against BOTH Parties as of late, I get attacked by voters from both sides. I hear all of the time, in their criticism of my articles, that America needs “a President not a Pope”, or a “Democracy not a Theocracy”. I disagree.

I think, more so than ever before in this nation’s history, that we need a God-fearing, Christ-loving, Holy Bible-thumping President. Do we have one now? Far from it. Was Obama? NOPE. The complete opposite. Will the next one be? Most likely not. So instead of dwelling on this sad reality today, I thought to myself, what if I was President? How would I run things differently? Well, if I was President, things would be A LOT different. Here’s how –



Citizens would be encouraged to speak God’s Name in the public square and at their workplaces. The national Christmas Tree in front of the White House, would be replaced with a large Nativity Scene. “Easter” would begin to be referred to Nationally as “Resurrection Season”, and the White House Lawn would be adorned with a large wooden Cross.

ALL BUSINESSES, with the exception of hospitals, pharmacies and gas stations would be required to close their doors for 24 hours on Christmas, Good Friday, Passover and Resurrection (Easter) Sunday. Any places of employment that discriminate against a Christian or Jew because of their Faith (mentioning God, wearing a Cross or Star of David, etc.) will be heavily fined, and shut down if discrimination persists.

A National “Sabbath Day” would be recognized from Friday night at sundown until Saturday night at sundown in Israeli time. Israel is 7 hours ahead of us, so this would be, for example, from between 12:00-1:00 pm EST on Friday afternoon until the same time on Saturday afternoon. All non-essential businesses would be required to be closed. All hospitals and healthcare facilities would remain open, with the exception of Planned Parenthood. Exempt businesses would include pharmacies, and gas stations.



Israel would be the only nation to receive foreign aid from the United States of America. All foreign aid and funding would be totally CUT OFF from the anti-Israel United Nations, Islamic nations, and from all nations who do not share our Biblical values. In today’s day and age, this would mean every nation except Israel. All alliances would be broken with Muslim nations who can not provide monthly verifiable proof of persecution-free zones for Christians and Jews.

American alliances with ANY nations, even in the western world, whose leaders harbor anti-Israel attitudes or make threatening statements against the Jewish State will be BROKEN. We would not start a war with anyone, unless of course they attack Israel. Then, all bets are off. America would only go to war to defend God’s Jewish Homeland.



As far as healthcare is concerned, anyone with a life-threatening condition (cancer, broken limbs, burns, severe fevers or infections, etc.) who cannot afford treatment must be cared for by the hospital of their choice. The medical facilities would report their services to the Government to receive payment. The money saved through foreign aid, alcohol taxes, and fines would pay for the care of patients. All other Americans would choose their insurance providers as usual. All veterans of the USA and Israel would receive free care at any medical facility of their choice.

Planned Parenthood and all health care organizations providing abortions (with the only exception being for saving the life of the mother) would be defunded by the Federal Government. Any organization caught providing abortions, when the mother’s life was not in danger, would be shut down completely. Sex-change operations would be BANNED in the United States of America. The only operations allowed would be for transgenders who desire to revert back to their original sex. Any healthcare organizations caught defying the ban would be heavily fined, and on a second offense they would be shut down.



My number one priority would be to ensure that all persecuted Christians and Jews in foreign lands are granted speedy relocation and settlement into the United States. As to hispanic citizens who are already here (illegally), as long as they have no criminal record and adhere to Biblical values, they would be given a speedy litmus test to gain citizenship. Those not here already, who would like to immigrate here, would have to take a Biblical litmus test and must not have criminal records. All others will be deported.

Any muslim fearing for their life, upon converting from Islam to Christianity or Judaism, would be granted free and safe travel to the United States following proper vetting. Any American muslims caught threatening the lives of American citizens, contributing to Islamic terror groups, propagating anti-semitic hatred or violence against Jews and Israel, or committing terror in the homeland will be imprisoned and DEPORTED to the Islamic nation of their choice. All other American muslims who live in peace with their neighbors will be free to practice their religion in their homes or public gatherings.

Any mosque or house of worship that is not built to the God of America, which is the God of the Holy Bible, will not be permitted. America will still allow freedom or religion, but buildings built to worship false gods would only bring curses upon our nation.

California and Alaska will be known as Sanctuary States. In these two States, mosques or other houses of worship (with the exception of satanic temples) can be built. There will be no national Sabbath Law in these two States.

These States would be assigned specifically for unbelievers who do not wish to abide by America’s Judeo-Christian belief system. This includes muslims, hindus, sikhs, witches, pagans, atheists, homosexuals, transgenders, and far-left liberals. Any Christians or Jews living in these States would be relocated to another State of their choice free of charge. The money saved from defunding the United Nations, and stopping foreign aid to all nations except for Israel, would pay for the relocation of both parties.



Our Economy would be run Biblically, as I run my own Economic life. I can attest that the Biblical way has never failed. God has said time and time again, in His Holy Word of Eternal Truth, that those who “bless ISRAEL” will be blessed, and those who “curse Israel” will be cursed. Thus, I would institute a new Trade Law, ensuring that at least 73% of foreign products entering the United States MUST come from the Nation of Israel. All trade with Islamic nations would be halted indefinitely. All other nations whom we trade with must be pro-Israel and not hostile to our God or His Word.

Above all else, if I was in the White House, The LORD would be FIRST in America. All United States currency would receive a makeover. Presidents’ faces would still remain, as it is our history, but the “IN GOD WE TRUST” would be made larger and become the focal point of all our currency. Also, the images on the back of the bills (pyramid, Lincoln memorial, etc.) and coins will be replaced with images of the Cross, Star of David, and the Holy Bible.

I would institute a “Tithe-Tax”, by which all Americans would pay a 10% tax rate on their income. No more and no less. The Government would take these taxes annually and invest them into Churches, Synagogues, Ministries, or Israel aid. As far as taxes on goods bought daily, the 6% tax would be cut in half down to a 3% tax. Their would be a 37% Federal tax introduced on all alcoholic beverages.

All bars and liquor stores attempting to skirt the new tax Law would be shut down, and the owners would be barred from opening establishments in the future. Also, ONLY bars and liquor stores would be allowed to sell alcohol. Grocers and local stores would not be granted licenses to do so any more. Today’s current tax rates on alcohol would remain the same only in the States of California and Alaska.

Any pet owner, of especially cats and dogs, who cannot afford food, necessities, or medical care for their furry friends can apply for Government assistance. No one with a pet in need would ever be turned down aid. Welfare would also be available to those whom a medical doctor has deemed unable to work in any job. Those who cannot find a job would contact their State Government to be entered into a job placement program.

If the person can still not find work after 30 days of entering the program, welfare would be provided for them until they do. Financial assistance would also be provided to those who have a full-time job but can still not afford to pay for the basic needs of their family. My Government would not be one of “free stuff” or “handouts” like under a Democrat President, but rather one that helps those who are TRULY in need.



The FCC would be given orders to remove all sexual situations and vulgar language from all cable television until after midnight, accordingly in each time zone. Nudity and cursing will only be allowed on premium cable (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, etc.) after midnight as well. Pornographic programming will be illegal on all forms of cable television all of the time. Homosexual situations, and animal cruelty would be banned from all forms of Cable television as well.    



It would be enshrined in Federal Law that Marriage is between one man and one woman. All other forms of marriage will be unrecognized. Gay Marriage, Roe V. Wade, and any Supreme Court decisions which oppose the Laws of Almighty God would be repealed. Any and all American Judges, from the local courts to the Supreme Court, would be required to take a Biblical litmus test.

If they fail to agree with the Laws and Commandments of the God of this Nation, then they will be removed and replaced swiftly. Any American which commits murder, rape, or animal cruelty would be shipped off to the prison system in the two Sanctuary States. Even if they are eventually released from prison, they will be permanently barred from returning to their former State or any State besides California or Alaska.



America’s very first Schoolbook would be returned to all public schools nationally. Biblical teaching would be a required class in every Grade level, including College, taught only by teachers with a Theological degree. Lessons about Islam, foreign religions, LGBT, or evolution would be prohibited. Any Schools failing to abide by these new mandates would be SHUT DOWN. This would not be required in the two Sanctuary States.  



Guns and weapons would be legal for all Americans who do not have a criminal history. If ever arrested for assault or murder with a weapon, that citizen would never be allowed to own or possess another weapon as long as they live.



Pornography would be outlawed. Anyone caught filming or distributing pornographic material would be fined heavily, and on a second offense would be imprisoned for a determined time according to the amount of material produced or shared publicly. All Strip clubs, escort services, swingers clubs or homosexual clubs and resorts, sexual massage parlors, Islamic mosques satanic worship venues or any houses of worship opposed to America’s Biblical values, morals and laws would be SHUT DOWN.

All single women over the age of 18, or mothers under the age of 18 who worked in the porn industry, strip clubs, massage parlors, or as escorts, would receive Government assistance in finding well paying jobs. Until the women are hired at a job that would pay their bills, they would be given financial assistance by their State governments wherever necessary. Assistance would include housing, medical care, food, or transportation.

Any homosexuals who were homeless or who worked as male prostitutes would be placed in Church or Synagogue ran housing, and would receive Biblical therapy daily to improve their lifestyles. All Government funding used for the aid and betterment of individuals formerly involved in the sex industry would be paid for by the new alcohol taxes and by fines collected from lawbreakers.

Marijuana would be made illegal in all States again, with the exception of California, and Alaska. The drug would still be available upon medication from a Doctor for health issues, but would be just as illegal as other hard drugs when it comes to recreational use.      

Many of you reading this will most likely disagree with me on a lot of these issues, and that is exactly why I believe America needs such a radical renovation. This nation is so laden with immorality more than ever before in it’s over two centuries of history, and a Biblically sound moral spanking is desperately needed. The America I have laid out is the country I wish I could be living in. Though it’s a pretty sure bet that I will never be President of the United States, I’m still holding out hope that someday a politician or President may read this.

If they do, I pray that they would follow at least some of the prescriptions I have laid out for a God-fearing America. This nation will never be truly blessed or “great again” until we, as a people, return to the God of our fathers. I believe if any President utilized my suggestions, while they may anger a lot of left wing liberals and corrupt politicians, they will please our LORD. His opinion and approval should be the ONLY ONE that matters. If anyone believes that I left any issue which a President faces out of this article, then feel free to comment below.

I’ll do my best to respond to all questions promptly. Now, I’m expecting many of you reading this to berate, mock, and insult me. I’ll probably end up on “Right Wing Watch” being dubbed as a “crazy Bible-thumper”. SO BE IT. America needs an extreme makeover from an uncompromising Holy Bible thumping leader. While I may never get to be THAT guy, I truly pray that someone “LIKE me” moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave real soon.


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“BLESSED is the Nation whose God is THE LORD…” ~ Psalm 33:12

“ALL the nations that FORGET God shall be turned into HELL.” ~ Psalm 9:17

“If My people, which are called by My Name, shall HUMBLE themselves, and PRAY, and SEEK My Face, and TURN from their wicked ways; then will I HEAR from Heaven, and will FORGIVE their sin, and will HEAL THEIR LAND, saith The LORD God.” ~ 2nd Chronicles 7:14

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